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Anger issues at home
Zaysmama posted:
DS is usually the sweetest little man in the world but recently he has started back talking and cursing. It breaks my heart because I'm not sure where he is learning this behavior. When I tell him to sit on the chair for time out he tells me that he doesn't like my attitude and i'm mean. He hits the dogs so I smack his fingers and he has recently even started trying to smack me. Some times when I talk to him about his behavior he sticks his tongue out. He has become so disrespectful out of no where. I'm not sure how to handle it. I don't know if time-outs will fix the behavior or if he is crying out for attention. Most of the time he only gets this way when he is tired and needs a nap or bed time but no matter what this behavior is absolutely unacceptable. Please help me! I have a LO due in 4months and I don't want the behavior getting worse or him lashing out or teaching the LO these actions. I feel like this is my fault which really bothers me, but he isn't around these types of activities so I really have no idea where is has come from. I just want my sweet boy back!
Zaysmama responded:
So it must have just been a bad weekend or he was testing his limits because so far this week he has been soo much better. He gets a little grumpy at nap time and bed time but the back talking and aggressiveness has all but gone away. He is a typical 3 year old with small outbursts but I guess as soon as he realized I wasn't going to allow that behavior to go on, he ended it! ...
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff replied to Zaysmama's response:
Glad to hear he is back to "normal". I noticed if my LO was the least bit overtired - watch out!

I also think it is interesting how our kids test us, knowing how to push buttons. We had to stick to a strict routine of naps and bedtimes which made socializing difficult but kept us sane.


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