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    Best dog to get for a 1 yr old & 3 year old...
    sdadkin posted:
    We want to get a dog for the kids. We found 2 Chocolate Labs on and we went and got them yesterday. They are really sweet, but we think we're going to have to take them back though. They were born in January and are already huge! They already weigh over 60 pounds and will continue to grow. If they could knock us over when just playing, I can only imagine what they would do to our babies! The kids weren't home last night (they spent the night with their grandparents) so they haven't seen them yet.

    Can any of you guys reccommend a good kid friendly pet that doesn't bark a lot? We don't really want a small dog- I guess maybe a medium sized one?
    miob responded:
    There are so many breeds out there. No matter which you choose, as puppies, they all will present some problems for little ones (even my miniature daschund knocked my son around!). Training is critical, but understand that they will still chew, nip and accidentally knock over children, no matter what the breed.

    That being said, we loved our daschund (mini are small breeds, the regular ones I would consider 'medium') and I found they didn't have the 'yip' associated with many small breed dogs (but they're difficult to train!). She was older when DS came along and I didn't think she'd adjust well, but she was wonderful with him. She passed in November and my son still talks about how much he misses Annie.

    I always grew up with labs and goldens and still think they're the best choice for kids - they have a wonderful demeanor and are easy to train. When we're ready for another dog, it will likely be a lab. But it's really a matter of preference.

    Big or small, they're a pet and will require a lot of time and energy to train (speaking from experience - my dad trains search & rescue dogs so we've done this a lot). Obedience classes are great and are available just about everywhere.

    Good luck!
    jlynnpaine responded:
    I had a golden retriever that was the sweetest dog ever. She was awesome. Though I don't know that I'd call her medium sized. I think she weighed about 160 lbs but she was exceptionally large for her breed thanks to my mom overfeeding her.
    Jodi (28), DH (24), Shaelynn (2), DD2 (due 5/16)
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
    We are also looking for a dog. Thinking about getting one from Paws on Parole, a local program which allows you to adopt dogs trained by professional dog trainers and inmates.

    The dogs have already gone through an eight week training program, shots, micro-chipped, spayed or neutered.

    Since we are a busy family, we thought a trained dog would be a better option than adopting a puppy!

    Have to say, I love labs! They really are a great family dog, would love a lab puppy, but they stay juvenile even as adult dogs.

    sarah0323 responded:
    We have an English Bulldog. He is perfect for our family. We have a smaller one he only weighs about 55 pounds. He is so gentle with the kids. He did knock over the baby a few times but it was on accident. He will lay there while the baby is pulling on his lips. He is a really lazy dog. That is the breed charateristics though. He sleeps alot. The down side is that they can have alot of medical problems. They also love to chew. He will chew on anything if not supervised. He chewed up a dresser and a bunk bed in one night. The 1st and only time he was allowed to sleep with the boys.

    The only time he barks is if someone enters the house that he doesn't know. Other than that you wouldn't know he is there.

    Any dog will need training. We got our puppy when he was 12 weeks and he fit in perfect with the kids and our family. It was alot of work training him. It didn't happen over night.
    sdadkin replied to miob's response:
    We found out that those Labs were mixed with Mastiffs (sp?). So they would have been even bigger! They were really sweet pups, but just too large for our family.

    Several people have suggested getting a Collie or miniature one. My grandma used to have one and I remember how wonderful they are with kids. I am not sure if my SO would want one though.
    Zaysmama replied to sdadkin's response:
    We have cockapoos (cocker spaniel & poodle mix)...
    We have 4adults that we all got as puppies. They are amazing with DS. The first 2 we got before DS1's birth and the second 2 when DS was about 1 & 1/2. That being said all of them have taken to DS1 as their boy! When he cries they check on him, when he wants to play they are ready and when he lays down they are right there to snuggle. I have pics of the oldest and DS1 sleeping together on a blanket when DS was about 5months old. Needless to say, DS has never been bit and if he was knocked over it was while they were playing. When he walks in the door they are all excited to see him but wont jump on him. They are not yappee dogs at all and were rather easy to train. We never did obedience training with them, but they all listen very well and know the basics from sit and stay to down and come. And ours very in size any where from 10lbs to 25 lbs... And because they are part poodle they are less allergenic and do not shed!
    Sorry this is so long, this breed isnt as popular as lab or goldens but they are def a great family dog!!!
    kjabbott85 responded:
    Go for a shetland sheepdog (miniature collie). Had mine from years 1-15, and he was awesome. Max weight is about 40 lbs or so (in shape).

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