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Wetting the bed
sdadkin posted:
DS1 has been potty trained for a long while now. He was actually pretty easy to train and never really had any accidents. He still slept in a pullup until about a month ago. He was doing okay without it but recently he has been wetting the bed every night. Well actually, I don't think he is doing it at night. I think he is doing it in the mornings. I take his younger brother to daycare at 6:30 in the morning when I leave for work and SO takes DS1 around 9:30 when he leaves for work. I think what is happening is that DS1 wakes up before my SO and he won't go to the bathroom by himself. He has no trouble going to the bathroom by himself during the day (we have the seat that goes on top of the toilet and a stool to climb up on). I think SO has kind of trained him to stay in his room until he gets up and gets him (mainly because our bedrooms are upstairs). How do we teach him that it's okay for him to go to the bathroom by himself in the mornings?
sdadkin responded:
Well I thought it was happening in the mornings, but this morning I had to wake him up to go with me and he had already wet the bed so I guess it is happening in the middle of the night. Do you guys think I should go back to letting him sleep with pull ups on? Or should I just keep cleaning up after him every time?
jlynnpaine replied to sdadkin's response:
I have no advice. Shae has only woken up dry once in her life so she's still in pull ups. If it was me though, I'd put him back in pull ups rather than clean up the mess. When he's able, he'll stop peeing and then you can quit using them again.
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Zaysmama replied to sdadkin's response:
DS has only ever wet the bed a few times in the last year from when we started potty training. My biggest suggestion is potty time before bed and cutting off drinks prior to that.
I usually get home from work around 8 so if he has already eaten before I get home then no more drinks for him unless its just a sip or 2. If he has not eaten then I give him one more glass to make it thru dinner and I make sure he goes to the potty before bath time and again before we go up to bed. Even when he says he doesnt have to pee I tell him to try and if he tries and can't pee ok, and if he tries and does then great. The couple of times he has wet the bed have been times that he has passed out before making it to bed such as on the couch or something like that.
If that still isnt working, I would try going back to pull ups or there are little alarms they make for bed wetting. I saw a brochure in DS's dr office for the alarms and other ideas to stop bed wetting but I think they don't encourage that until age 5. well hopefully you find a solution that works for you and DS!! I know how upset my little man was the few times he did wake up wet so I'm sure its tough on your little guy 2!...

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