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Potty training advice needed! DS hides when he has to poop!
Stacey2005 posted:
DS turned 3 in May, and since I teach school, I thought that the summer would be the perfect time for potty training. Unfortunately, it is taking longer that I had hoped. :-S If I take him to the potty every hour or so, he'll pee, no problem. But he won't come tell me when he has to go, so if no one takes him, he'll just pee himself. Also, #2's are the worst: He has pooped in the potty a few times, but usually that's if I catch him already starting in his pants. He likes to hide when he has to poop or stand in a way that I can tell means he's pooping. Since he won't initiate going to the toilet on his own, should I just back off, or is taking him every hour still the right thing to do? With DD it just clicked one day, and she never had another accident. . . I'm hoping that will happen with DS soon. We've offered him prizes for going on the potty and everything, so he'll do his thing & get his prize, but then next time he's pooping in his pants. Any feedback is appreciated!!
Zaysmama responded:
Hey sorry this has been more complicated with DS than it was with DD. Try to stay patient and don't blame yourself because every child is different.
With DS, he didnt make any potty changes when we switched to pull-ups from diapers, but when we switched to underwear he did not like going in his pants. it took a few times of peeing himself and not liking it run down his leg and a time or two of sitting in #2 to teach him, but as your DD was, he changed his ways practically overnight. All together from diaper to the trial with pullups to underwear it took 2 weeks and that was when DS was 2 & 1/2.... he is now 3 & 1/2 and i could probably count the accidents on one hand... hope this helps, if not keep your head up and if there is still no progress after a few months of trying I would talk to the pediatrician!...


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