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NFP and husband help
HW821 posted:
My husband and I recently became Catholic about a year ago and decied together that we would use NFP. Well we soon became pregnant with our second son after that so we didn't get the chance to use it until now after the birth. Well my husband is having a really hard time with not being able to have sex anytime that he wants because that is what he is use to. Plus my husband is a truck driver and is gone Monday-Friday and sometime even longer than that. So he is freaking out because he feels that we are going to get to be intimate but maybe a couple times a month. So we he comes home and finds out that we aren't able to be intimate he is in a bad mood which puts a damper on the little time that we have together. I try to encourage him or try to get his mind off of it but it doesn't work, I need help on what else I can do to help him or if this will get any easier. Because I would love to be able to enjoy our time together again.
sarah0323 responded:
I don't use NFP but a mommy over on the 4 to 5 YO board does. She isn't on all the time but checks in regularly. You might want to post this over there.

Good Luck.

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