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introducing new baby to older brother
amandabrown posted:
my son is 3 and a half, i jst had a baby almost 2 months ago. now that she is home my son is schreeching and crying about the littlest things, claimg that i dont like him or love him. i realize hes probably doing this bc he wants attention, so i do set aside time for just him and i. and everytime he says i dont like him i hug him and say i love him, but im not sure how to stop the acting out or the crying about everything, he has become so sensitive to everything, i dont want him screaming at the top of his lungs everytime i discipline him for things he does wrong, and it seems like even when i DO discipline he doesnt learn, he just keeps doing the same things and he knows hes going to go in his time out chair. im just kind of backed against a wall bc i dont want to be too hard on him esp when his whole world is changing with his having to share the attention with a new baby. but i dont want him thinking this behavior is ok. he was SO good before i gave birth, so polite, never screamed, and if he acted up and was put in time out...that was the end of it. advice?

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I have been married for over 9 years. I have a very active DS that will be 3 in December. I work full time so DS is in a home daycare which he loves.

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