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3yr old who is afraid to go poop
An_251119 posted:
My daughter has had an irrational fear of pooping for a little over a year now. Shes gone to see drs/specialists, had xrays, and ultrasounds. i have tried miralax, mineral oil, fiber supplements, changed her diet as well as the whole familes to healthier options, and increased our fruits, and veggies, and make sure she has a high fiber diet, but she still will go days and days sometimes its been over a week and a half of her not going, then i have to use the enema just to flush her out. she screams and cries, and says she is scared everytime i put her down on the potty. i am at my whits end, any ideas please!?
An_242848 responded:
Sadly I know of what you speak. My doc advised this routine. Enema every day if no bowel movement by child.

I changed the scenario. My son was afraid of the pain of pooping on the potty, so I would give him an enema and put him in the bath. Once he got comfortable with pooping in the bath (gross I know but it worked) I scaled back to every other day bm's.

Plenty of vasiline/or diaper rash ointment to grease his bottom also decreased the pain of going. I got him a mirror and showed him how to put in on his bum.

We would fish the poop out after the tub was drained and make a ceremony out of putting it in the toilet and say over and over "poop goes in the potty, poop goes in the potty"

After several days of this routine, I put him in the tub before the enema and had him try to go on his own. If he didn't produce a BM in 10 min it was enema time.

With in a week his bowels were retained and he could go at will without the daily enema. Though it was a good three months before he transitioned 100% from tub to toilet.

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