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How to teach a 3 year old boy
SimonTr posted:
My son is 3 years old. He started playing with tablet since he was 2. Because I didn't want him to play violent games, I downloaded education games. There is a game that teaches people the human body - skeleton & internal organs (stomach, liver, bladder...). By now, he can name and locate all bones and organs in human body. He loves to play with it and always asks me to play with him in this type of game. I don't know if this is ok, or we are leading him to the path that may affect his learning capability when go to school. Usually I hear people talking about teaching math or sing songs at this age, but my son is not patient in learning math. He learns, but walks away after 5 minutes.
greathuan responded:
My daughter didn^t want to exercise in the kindergarten or elsewhere. We had serious problem. I found partial solution. I play her this () and somehow she is willing to move around. I know it is not the perfect solution, since it would be better to exercise outside but still better than nothing.
greathuan replied to greathuan's response:
The name of the video is Yuvi - Story Aerobics for Kids .

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