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My 3 yr old won't go potty for his parents...HELP!!!
smlotz523 posted:
My 3 yr old refuses to use the potty for us, but when he is at day care or at his grandparents house he goes fine. I don't know what else to do? He has gone potty for us before, but only after we tell him he cannot go outside until he goes potty. We can't even use candy as a reward. He still says NO. People tell me that I need to force him, but I am not going to pick up a screaming child and then proceed to hold him on the potty until he goes. He wears diapers still since he refuses to use the potty. Does anyone have suggestions?
mine9 responded:
My sister runs a daycare and she has what she calls the ten day method. Worked for ours after trying the bribing methods unsuccessfully. Only give him 4 ounces of liquids to drink every two hours because their small bladders cannot hold more until they are more used to it. You sit him down and excitedly tell him from this point on he gets to use the big boy potty, show him the potty he is to use, and his new underwear. Then take away all diapers and put him in underwear. Do not put him back in a diaper at all, even when you go out. Make sure he goes before you go out the door, and pack along a spare outfit. When he pees his pants, which he will the first few days, try to catch him when he starts, but hasn't finished, Clap your hands to surprise him and (even if he has finished), say firmly but do not yell, Pee(or poop) Goes In The Potty, and carry him into the bathroom and set him on the potty, then change his clothes after and don't mention it again. Initially always have him sit to pee, then introduce standing while peeing later. Continue this with no diapers, and she says by the tenth day they should be trained, but if they are not, then their bladder is not ready and just put back in diapers and say you are putting the underwear away for a bit. Do not give any rewards just praise for doing a good job. Ours was trained in 3 days with this.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
DD was peeing in her diapers so we just switched to regular underwear and only used the diapers at night. It worked for us and she's only had 2-3 accidents.
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