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MVP250616 posted:
I have 2 sons, one is 3 and one is 2, and I am pregnant again. My 3 year old constantly cries for me, even if I'm right in front of him. He will say mommy over and over even when I'm sitting with him. He will cry and cry for me all day for pretty much everyone. His dad, his sitter, his grandparents.. What can I do? It is causing a huge strain at home because he will not let his dad anywhere near him, or even look at him, without freaking out for mommy. As a mother, I want to comfort him, but at the same time it is frustrating and exhausting for everyone. PLEASE HELP!
brownribbons responded:
My child has gone through phases like this, but probably not as severe. It's always worse when the "preferred" parent is nearby. He would pitch an epic fit if I tried to put him to bed when his mom was in the other room, but if she was out of the house, he went down with no issues whatsoever. Maybe the best thing is to just leave him alone with his dad for longer and longer intervals? It will be rough for Dad, but he will get over it, eventually. A little bribery won't hurt, too...maybe alone time with Dad means ice cream (for now)? Good luck!

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