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My 4 year old will NOT eat
Mariamksi posted:
Please help!! My 4 year old refuses to eat any solids She will only have juice and water and yogurt If she feels like it. She thinks I she has to eat any Solids she's going to choke. I don't know what to Do.
Sabismom responded:
Hi my daughter is 4 and she too is going through this problem it has been 2 months since she has eaten. The only thing I can get her to drink is pediasure for kids. Have you found another information out? My daughter claims she has hair in her throat
sebamum responded:
Hi, Have you taken her to a doctor?
My little girl had eating problems that started at about 7mo and by the time she was 3 she was not eating at all for days on end, not even choc, or anything. I thought medical advice and had nothing useful but when I went on holiday abroad I took her to an emergency room with an UTI and after they did the bloods I was told I was irresponsible for letting her get in that state of malnutrition (according to my HV she was happy and healthy). After that I made sure she was checked by gp and as they found no medical explanation I went on a strict regim of feeding. She was not allowed to leave the table unless she had at least a small amount of food (baby portion) and after many weeks speny mosly at the table she gave in. She now has a very good diet but still strugles with some textures and has diffculties swallowing meat, she quite often has to drink it down with watter as you would do a pill. I can only say that the bennefits have been huge.
I think you should get her checked by a doctor and focus all your attention on getting her to eat, whatever it takes. She might not starve herself to death but I can tell you for sure she can seriously damage herself by not eating.
As tip - offer her a variety of say 4 things. Let her choose 2 but she has to eat those. Once that is established build on it.

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