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frequent urination and wetting in previously nappy free boy
sebamum posted:
Hi, my 3 1/5 yo boy who was previously potty trained (daytime only) has started having frequent accidents. He urinates frequently and little and is soaking wet every morning. He has been checked for diabetes and UTI and is negative on both.
I have read the explanation regarding symptoms of dysfunctional voiding and it seems to me that he has them. He doesn't seem to mind being wet but he is adamant that he wants to be in 'big boy pants', he seems very keen to please me but he keeps on having this accidents both at home and at nursery.
I would like to ask for some advice regarding my options - should I try potty re-training and make sure he empties his bladder fully say every hour (could this actually work) or should I take him to a doctor (GP has dismissed me already with some printed potty training advice and a UTI test, the diabetes test was done separately in connection with other health concerns).

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