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hitting and scratching
sandy20131961 posted:
My 3 y.o. is a scratching machine. He hits and scratches everyone. I go to put him in his car seat and he often (usually) scratches my face when both hands are busy snapping the belt for the seat, he does it with both hands and draws blood and laughs. he is not angry. He would have some screeching incidents where he'd screech once or twice or thrice a couple times a day. Those are waning. He's very intelligent and doesn't seem to do it out of anger, but it seems he does it to get a reaction. He has a good attention span and acts happy not angry. I'm at a loss of what to do. He doesn't do it constantly at pre-school but one incident a day every 2 or 3 days. He knows not to hit and scratch and knows it can lead to loss of privileges and time out. We are beginning to resort to spanking and it stops it for awhile, but I don't want to spank my kid 3 times a day everyday. In fact, I refuse. he's been kicked out of 2 daycares that were structured but a short term unstructured playdates type daycare he is usually ok
kay_kay75 responded:
Stop giving him a reaction, if he scratches you hold his hands and say "this is not acceptable and you need to stop" then redirect him to another activity. Cut his nails as short as you can get them to help with the scratching. If he is frustrated give him a stuffed animal or stress ball to squeeze when he feels like he is going to scratch or hit someone, explain to him that he is not to hit someone else (hard to do if you spank) if he feels the need to hit something or scratch something he is to use this stuffed animal or pillow. Does he know at daycare he has the right to walk away from the other kids when he starts to feel stressed, remove himself and take a deep breath. Teach him calming techniques, taking deep breaths when he feels frustrated. I have a little one who will be 3 in 5 weeks, we have done this with her and it has limited her outbursts toward us and other kids.

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