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Having trouble w my 3.5yo son wanting to go potty! please help, ive tried everything!
theadamsfamily2014 posted:
The doctor says its normal for boys to take a little longer with it than girls and not to worry until hes reached 4. At times he will do great other times he throws a tantrum saying he doesn't want to go potty Ive tried rewarding him he did really good with stickers and then i ran out for a few days and all the work id done was erased bc he didn't want to go if i make him sit i feel like im making him possibly fear going. i don't raise my voice when he goes in his pants but i will usually take something he likes away and tell him when he uses the potty like a big boy he may have it back and after whining awhile he gives in and goes... but i want him to think its fun! i even have his potty next to the adult potty and i sit and try to doo doo. Number 2 isn't the issue he seems okay with going to do that business but he wont stop peeing. He passed all of his milestones with flying colors can count knows his abcs and over 1000 words he speaks very clearly and I really don't see any signs of Autism... Just a big sign that says "STUBBORN" PLEASE MOMS OF THE WORLD, I NEED SOME GOOD ADVICE HERE. Its come down to if he is trauined by the end of summer he gets a swing set... hes not interested, BUT I AM!!!
spoiledbratmj responded:
worked in a preschool i was a 3 yr old teacher and i potty trained most of my children in a short period of time what i found that worked was using fruit loops and let him throw one in the toilet and let him aim to pee on the fruit loop it was colorful and fun for him like a game to pee in the cereal.. it worked for me good luck

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