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AngRose posted:
Hi all. Whats the scoop with benadryl? I have a petite 3yo and previous doc has said since birth, absolutely not to give it to young'ns because it had been pulled. So, shes never had it. Well, I recently asked her new doc again, and was told 'yes' she could have it but that I would need to call pharmacist to determine dosage. Called pharmacist, and they said absolutely NOT. Benadryl has been pulled for 3yo and they are not to have it. AAAGGHHH Driving me crazy....anyone else?
peachyisthelife responded:
Hmm a little odd. What does she need it for? Both my kids had chicken pox over the last month and several doctors and some nurses all said to give them benadryl for the itching. So a 3yo and a 9 mo old. But with chicken pox, if they scratch themselves a lot they can get serious infections so maybe in this case the benifits outweighed the risks? What do they give kids for allergies?
MagPrincess responded:
We have found that children's zyrtec works much better for allergies. if it is for itching or an allergic reaction i would call the doctor back and get the dosage they do have it. i don't know why they told you to call pharmacy.
mommy2BMT responded:
go by weight...My daughter is 2 and I have given it to her per Dr's instructions... If you physically look at the back of the medicine I'll tell you the dosage per age and weight. My daughter is more like 40lbs so she get 1.1/2 teaspn
peachyisthelife responded:
FYI, the dose for my 32lb 3yo was 1.25 tsp
AngRose responded:
Ya, I really don't understand all the discrepencies. They are pretty extreme. Her doc here said they did not have dosing info; call pharm. I called CVS and Walgreens, both said specifically, under no circumstances are children under the age of 4 to have Benadryl and they didn't understand why docs were still telling patients this. Called her doc back home, same thing-no benadryl. I checked the dosing info on the bottle, it is as follows:

Under 4: Do Not Give

4 to 6: Do Not Give Unless Recommeded by Doctor

6 to 12: 1 to 2 tsp

12 and up: 2 to 4 tsp.

She gets a really bad reaction to bites, and she itches them until they bleed. I had hoped this would help with the itching, I have a 10 yo who takes Benadryl, but since there was no dosing info, I called doc. So confused!
tjandstephanie responded:
Lurking... What is the deal with no Benadryl? My DS's doctor has told me to give it to him on several occassions since he was 1. I actually keep the predosed ones in his bag and my purse because he occassionally gets hives from foods, we haven't figured out exactly what it is that causes it yet though. It was recently though that his doctor told me that the only thing that it was okay for him to take for a cold was Benadryl.
peachteach1 responded:
It is because there have been too many people who give stuff with incorrect dosages or several types of meds not knowing they both had the same ingredients( like a cold/cough combo and then tylenol) and that led to an over dose. The companies then decided to "fix" the problem by trying to ban all items by saying they do not work anyway. That in it self is stupid on several fronts. 1- parents will still give the stuff without the proper dosages 2 - how is the stuff "does not work" at one age and then magically on the child's birthday it begin to work, like I said......stupid!

I have given items(as young as 2) and I called and get a dosage first. I also read the ingredients and make sure I do not double up just as I would for myself or my husband. This whole over precaution can backfire especially if a child really needs benedryl to stop a reaction. Anyway, if the pharmacy will not give the dosage then call the pedi back and he/she should be able to get the information for you.
AngRose responded:
Thats really unfortunate. I can't imagine just blindly giving my child anything. Anyhow, I am going to have to err on the side of caution. Doctor 'tells' me that they do not have the dosing info and I will need to call pharmacist. Again, pharmacist says no. I did call doc back and told them what pharmacist said and I got the same response, 'call the pharmacist', I was able to get it out of the pharmacist that she could have claritin, and got dosage. My daughter has always been 'petite' so I really wouldn't even begin to know how much to give her in regards to what everyone else is giving their 3 yo. And I certainly wouldn't guess.
sophiasmom0629 responded:
I give both DD's benadryl all the time. Sophia has severe food allergies she gets breathing problems and hives, Nat was given it when she had bronchiolitis because she was so congested she couldn't breathe, she also gets it when she has allergy issues because they are so far and few that it is not worth it to put her on anything. Our pedi gave me correct dosing for them, Sophia gets .5-.75 depending on severity, she is 27-29lbs depending on the day and is just about to move into the 1 tsp bracket. nat gets .25-.5 also depending on severity she is 24 lbs. I knew they got rid of the cold medicines, but I had never heard of benadryl getting banned.

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