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potty training
An_222393 posted:
Can some give me tip on how to get a 3 year old to poop on a potty chair? My and wife have been trying for several months, he took to peeing the toilet fairly fast, but the pooping is going no where. He will wait till he is laid down for a nap and then he poops. Any body have any good ideas
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FarmWife1979 responded:

We are struggling with this at our house as well with DD. For her, it was a struggle to get her to sit on the potty chair first - then we figured out she didn't like the potty chair, she wanted to sit on the real potty (with a child toilet seat on it).

Have you tried incentives? We use stickers and sometimes M&Ms for DD. I made a chart and stuck it on the wall in the bathroom - for the first chart she got a sticker every time she went pee, 2 stickers if she pooped on the potty. Once she got 10 stickers she got to pick a prize out of a bag of dollar store toys that I wrapped up in bright paper. She really likes seeing how many stickers she is getting! After about a month of that, I just made a new chart and upped the anty a little bit. Now she can have an M&M if she pees, 2 if she poops on the potty (after she washes her hands, of course!), but she has to keep the big girl panties clean and dry ALL day to get a sticker on the chart now - again 10 stickers and she gets a prize.

It has taken a long time to get her to poop on the potty, she's still kind of scared to do it. If it happens as home, I sit on the edge of the tub next to her and hold her hand for now and just talk to her while she's trying to go.
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mol13 responded:
We still struggle with this with our son. He doesn't have any issue with pooping on either the potty or the regular toilet and knows how to do it but unless he is bare-bummed, or unless we luck into taking him when he needs to go, he'll poop in his pants without a second thought.

We have gotten pretty good at figuring out when he is going to go, so that might be your best bet for now. Take him to the bathroom a few minutes after meals, because there is a reflex at work that causes people to poop after they eat, presumably to make room for the new stuff, you know? So take him to the bathroom, get him to stay there with cool toys or books or, my DS's favorite, letter games on the iPod, and see if you get lucky.
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