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poll: how much milk / calcium
j9ween2 posted:
does your kid get a day?
Silver623 responded:
DS drinks 1 cup of chocolate milk and 1-2 cups of regular milk. These are big cups, so at least 8 oz each. He also has a yogurt everyday and usually are bedtime snack is cut up cheese and fruit. I think the cereal they eat is calcium fortified too. I think we got the calcium and fruit covered but DS only likes 2 veggies.
MamaTara1 responded:
DS typically has a 6-8 oz cup of milk at breakfast & dinner, a drinkable yogurt during the day, and some cheese (usually at either lunch or dinner -- not typically both).
dwaw02 responded:
DS eats lots of cheese (probably too much) and drinks usually 2 cups of milk a day.
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ryanandleigh responded:
DS drinks milk all day long. I don't fill his cup all the way (saves on spills or if he doesn't drink it fast enough and I have to throw it away). I would say I fill it up at least 6-8 times a day. He doesn't eat cheese and only has yogurt every once in a while but I figure he gets enough calcium from the milk he drinks.

DD drinks probably 2 6 oz glasses of milk a day (sometimes more) and always has yogurt for breakfast.
j9ween2 responded:
they get about 6 oz at dinner plus 3 oz in their cereal bowl. Some days they will get a string cheese & some times yogurt but I read that they should be getting 16ish oz of calcium (fortified OJ, yogurt, milk, cheese) so I'm going to add some to their day
ukbluegirl02 replied to j9ween2's response:
The four of us (excluding Mia) go through 3-4 gallons of milk a week. DD1 and DS each have a yogurt every night.

They only drink milk or water at school. Only milk at home.
KC_94920 responded:
DD1 ad DS drink 6 ounces of either soy milk or cows milk first thing in the morning and then again at dinner. They also eat 4-6 ounces of greek yogurt, steamed broccoli and serving of cheese each day. DD2 gets all that and an additional 4 ounces of milk before her nap.
Kimmy1545 responded:
Not enough....

Neither are big milk drinkers. They drink maybe 6 oz of milk with dinner. They also get a yogurt everyday (they love Danonino frozen!). DS drinks calcium OJ every morning. DD drinks apple juice with calcium (but I cut the juice with about 75% water). They also eat cereal some mornings (2x a week or so) and they get some milk with that.
Iocasta responded:
Levi drinks about 8 to 12 oz a day of 2% milk and eats a 1 to 2 6 oz containers of yogurt a day. The amount of milk he drinks is highly variable. He tends to prefer water.
mommyof3kiddos responded:
The girls tend to drink more milk. DS likes water more. Now if it's chocolate milk he can drink it all day long. I don't give them much chocolate milk though. He does eat cheese and yogurt too so I think that makes up for it.

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