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    First field trip tommorow
    Baby1at35 posted:
    Henry has a field trip to a pumpkin patch tommorow. I can't go because I have to take Tre to preschool. Wish I could split myself in two and be at both places. :(
    I am a little nervous but I am sure he will have a great time. It is all 6 kindergarten classes together.
    He will be riding a bus for the first time ever !
    I am sure he will be so excited! :)
    Me (40)  2 busy boys 5yrs and 4 yrs!  10 mos apart Oh My !
    UKbluegirl2 responded:
    My Ava is going on a field trip to the pumpkin patch tomorrow also!!! :-) Her school does not have buses so multiple parents have volunteered to drive. I have to work and cannot go. Plus we are required to take a special training prior to doing anything with the children; guess who has not had her training yet. :-( Soooo I will also miss out on the field trip. Oh well. I'm sure Ava will love being with her friends anyway. But I'm a bit nervous. I've never allowed anyone else to transport our children other than my mom. Ava has asked me every morning if it is pumpkin patch day!
    VicsEandJ responded:
    My DC are going on a farm trip that includes pumpkins on Monday.
    DS wentlast year and Idid not go then- they usu. go on Columbus Day, which DH & I have of from work ( State workers) but at that time last year we had not spent a day alone with each other since DD was born the previous December so we had alredy planned an adult date day when we found out about the trip and didnt' want to change it. I had a great day with DH, but DS LOVED the trip and talked about it for weeks- riding the school bus to the farm was his favorite part, so I was bummed that I missed it.

    This year DD can go too, so DH and I are both going. We had 2 adult days in August and we have two planned for November before the holiday season gets going, so we are going to go with the kids tot he farm this year.

    I went with DS to the aquarium in July- it was fun. He loved having me there.

    But now that he's in the 3 year old room, they go on a lot more trips and I don't have the leave to do them all, so DS will be bummed at some point. He was only sad that I didn't go to the zoo in August on that morning when the other parents were there at drop off.

    I'm sure Henry and Ava will have great times with their friends. My son loves me but he LOVES his friends!!! ;-)
    Plus its cute hearing them tell you what they did!
    Iocasta responded:
    That is exciting. Sorry you can't go. Last year's field trips I wasn't able to go because of work. DH participated in one and the nanny the other.
    ryanandleigh responded:
    Wow! I bet he is excited. I know my DS would be excited to just ride the bus. DS has a field trip to the main library next week. This will be the first field trip of the year and the first one that I will miss. (I went on all 4 of his last year.) But DS seems fine with me not going. I told him maybe next time.
    Tricia1166 responded:
    DD has a field trip to the pumpkin patch too -- hers is on Oct. 15th, Luckily, I have Fridays off usually, so I am going on this one. We will ride a bus. There are just 2 Kindergarten classes in her school, so it's only 28 kids.
    When DS and DD went to the pumpkin patch in their pre-K class, I was not able to go. I was able to do one of DS's field trips when he was in Kindergarten, but this will be my 1st since then.
    Baby1at35 replied to Tricia1166's response:
    I am so bummed I couldn't go on the field trip. He is so excited. It was so cute this morning. The excitement in the kindergarten class is so cute.
    I hope all goes well there were a lot of parents going so that is good.
    Me (40) 2 busy boys 5yrs and 4 yrs! 10 mos apart Oh My !
    UKbluegirl2 replied to Baby1at35's response:
    I'm bummed too Sandra. Perhaps we can be bummed together. It's tough being a mom.
    Baby1at35 replied to UKbluegirl2's response:
    Thanks... I am sure he will have tons of stories..
    I am sure Ava will too...
    Too bad we can't clone ourselves to be at 2 places.. :)
    Me (40) 2 busy boys 5yrs and 4 yrs! 10 mos apart Oh My !
    UKbluegirl2 replied to Baby1at35's response:
    I know. I know. What time are picking your little man up? I'm getting Ava at 2:55 to go back to my office. I cannot wait! I want to hear all about and she'll decide to be tight lipped. Grr! :-)
    Baby1at35 replied to UKbluegirl2's response:
    Well if you were a parent that went on the field trip you could take them home afterwards around 1:30 ... Otherwise I have to wait until school is out at 3:45.
    Wonder what the teacher will do with those left over at school. I bet it will be a lot of free play since she can't really start an exercise or anything without all of them there.
    Wonder how he is doing :)
    Me (40) 2 busy boys 5yrs and 4 yrs! 10 mos apart Oh My !
    roxanne156 responded:
    I bet he will have a blast! And will love the bus ride :)
    VicsEandJ replied to Baby1at35's response:
    Sandra and Lynn,

    Try not to be too bummed- listening to DC telling what they did -especially something they liked-is hilarious!

    Enjoy! :-)
    Baby1at35 replied to VicsEandJ's response:
    Thanks !
    Henry had an amazing time. He was with his friend's mom so that was so cool to him. He picked a pumpkin and it was huge. His teacher said he wasn't suppose to pick one that big but oh well. He carried that stinkin' heavy pumpkin. It was a beautiful one like out of a magazine. Sitting on our front porch and we will probably carve them soon.
    I do wish I could have been there but he had a great time with his friend and his mom. :)
    Me (40) 2 busy boys 5yrs and 4 yrs! 10 mos apart Oh My !

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