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    How to get stomach virus out of house!!!???
    crunk05177 posted:
    My sister and her two kids live with my dad. My dad watches DS2 two days a week so he is around her kids both those days. Between the 4 kids, they keep passing around this horrible stomach bug. First is was DS2, then my niece, then my nephew, then DS2 again, then DS1, and now my niece again. I don't have a choice but to send him there. I can't take time off of work which means he is there now while my niece is sick. At one point my father caught it, his 17 yo step daughter and I got a little bit of it. How do we get rid of it???? Any suggestions???

    And stupid ? but how long after being exposed do you think you would start seeing symptoms? Would it be hours, days, etc?
    Me (27), DH (29), DS1 (4) and DS2 (1 - severe peanut allergy and an egg allergy)
    mommy5kiddos responded:
    LYSOL! I would stop after work and buy a container of lysol wipes and go over to their house and wipe down everything. Every toy, every door knob, phone, everything. Your dad needs to do this as well. I know it's a pain in a the rear but you got to do it. Plus the sick person needs to be secluded in another room and cannot be around other people If your dad is taking care of her too then he needs to put her up in a room with a tv and toys (preferrably with it's own bathroom) and she needs to stay there until healthy. All meals need to be served in there too. Whenever someone comes out they MUST wash their hands. I would wipe down that room daily and as soon as she's feeling better wash all bedding on hot and completely clean down the room.

    Okay do I sound crazy and OCD? Maybe but this is how I keep it out of our house. I have five kids and a virus can float around my house for ages. This is how I keep everyone healthy.
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Lysol wipes on EVERYTHING for me too! And here's some articles from around WebMD about this very topic - guess what common theme is? Wash hands...

    Also,incubation periods vary. Do you think it's the flu? If so, it's about two to five days. So if you are exposed today, you probably won't have any symptoms for three to five days.

    Controlling Contagious Infections in Children

    Keeping Colds and Other Contagious Infections Contained

    Want to prevent viruses from spreading in your home? These quick tips from the pros may help.

    mommy5kiddos replied to mommy5kiddos's response:
    Can I add that using Lysol wipes like crazy on everything kept the pink eye contained this summer. My DD2 got it a few weeks before I delivered the twins. I was freaking out it would pass to all of us and guess what? It never did! I wiped down the toys fairly regularly since they all play together and everything else. My FIL got pink eye because they didn't listen to me and didn't clean up like I suggested.
    peachteach1 replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Also change the bed linens often now and then when the illness is over change the toothbrushes.
    Mainemommy replied to peachteach1's response:
    change toothbrushes clorox anywhere Where does your house water come from? we had this issue DD missed like 12 days of school in a trimiester I took them in time and again I got it twice DH a time or too. But DD has asthma and got sick the most they ordered a CTscan on my baby (she was 6) It was the WELL!! The fing well I mentioned others where getting sick I commented we had a well.
    Steph 37 DH 42 DD 9 Asthma eczema and allergies DS 5 Eczema and milk allergy Embrace childhood for it is fleeting
    mommy5kiddos replied to peachteach1's response:
    Absolutely change toothbrushes once the virus is gone. Buy the cheapos and change out regularly. I've started doing that. If you children just love character brushes they have some two packs that are reasonable. I know there are Snoopy ones that are very reasonable. I have used those quite a bit.
    crunk05177 replied to mommy5kiddos's response:
    Thanks for your suggestions. I have already been using lysol wipes like crazy but I am going to make sure to be extra thorough. And I will definitely keep changing the bed sheets. I also sent those links to my dad and sister so hopefully they will take the same precautions.
    Me (27), DH (29), DS1 (4) and DS2 (1 - severe peanut allergy and an egg allergy)
    MartaSelf responded:
    I think Lysol wipes won't kill norovirus. The spray will, after 10 minutes, considering you've cleaned the area before you spray. And bleach will too. Lysol wipes, I don't think so.

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