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Bloody stool in my stepson 5 year old
An_222378 posted:
He has been having this probelm off and on for months. There's a small cut on his anus and we were was told to apply neosporin daily. This can not be correct. The amount of blood in his stool is in way more than what would be from a small external cut. If it was just an internal cut there would be blood in his underwear. I don't believe you are suppose to use Neosporin for more than 7 days at a time. Doesn't this sound like a more serious problem? The mother seems to think this "treatment" will cure the problem. Obviously I disagree.
HayleesMom2007 responded:
This sounds like a MUCH more serious problem. How exactly did he get this cut on his anus? And this problem has been going on for months??? I am assuming you guys have visitation with the child and he lives with his mother, is this correct? Does your DH or SO have the ability to take him to a doctor? I would take him to be seen this doesn't sound right at all, might even warrant a trip to the ER for suspected abuse.
mommy5kiddos responded:
Is the blood in his stool and dark colored or bright red on his stool? If it's on the stool and bright red then when he had a bm he could be aggravating the cut and causing it to open and bleed. That's just a guess though since I'm not a medical doctor.

I agree though that this has gone on WAY too long to just be treated with antibiotic cream. If the mother won't take him back to the doctor then I agree run him to the ER. By the time she would get there to protest then the problem would have been mentioned and he might have already been seen.

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