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Eating strange objects
sharonallen posted:
Hi My Granddaughter is eating strange things and chewing on everything she holds, she is 5 years old I am looking for advice, am I at the right place?
Mainemommy responded:
Sure Sharon DD did this I would "pound into her head" (verbally) food and medicine nothing else goes in your mouth. After quite some time "months" I would make her throw whatever it was out. those tiny watch batteries can be FATAL
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mrswhitecastle responded:
My younger daughter is 4, and she still goes through stages where she wants to put everything in her mouth. I actually went out and bought her a baby teething toy for her to chew on. It did help. At least then, instead of just telling her to get things out of her mouth, I'd tell her to go get her "special" toy and chew on that.

Is your granddaughter getting any teeth -- molars, maybe? Could that be why she is wanting to chew on things?
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cinder44 responded:
my DD(4.25yrs) still chews on stuff & puts it in her mouth - doesn't usually eat it. I usually give a couple of warnings then take whatever it is away if she continues to put it into her mouth.
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Stephensmom1214 responded:
Some kids just have weird oral fixations, and chew on stuff. There's really nothing wrong with it, from a behavioral standpoint, but as PP said, it can be dangerous. My son used to do that too, and we made him a chewy necklace to use instead. He NEVER puts stuff in his mouth anymore, actually, so I guess it worked!
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