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OT: Periods (TMI)
mrswhitecastle posted:
I am 33. Over the past 6 months or so, I've noticed my cycles getting longer and worse (aka more painful). I've started spotting and cramping for several days mid cycle. I also have terrible cramps for 3-4 days before I get my period.

Am I just getting old? Anyone else have their periods get worse as they age?

Sorry for the TMI.
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steckie98 responded:
Before I got pregnant last December, I had just started getting really heavy periods and terrible cramping. I am 33 as well. We'll see how it goes when AF comes back in a few months.
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sarah0323 responded:
I'm 33 to and have noticed a change in my cycles. I attributed mine to having my tubes tied though and going off of BC. My cycles are getting longer, and I have been having horrible cramps about 2 days before my period starts. My period has gone from about 4 days to 7 or 8 days. I have also been getting worse migraines right before I start.
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iocasta responded:
With 15 years on you here is what I have learned, there is always a shift in our cycles. As we age our hormones shift, which effect our cycles. It just goes downhill from here. You may experience this for a few cycles and then you'll go back to your old cycles. But it is ever changing. Just wait until you get a little older and they come every two weeks and then be gone for 4 months only to return to be perfectly normal for a few months and then back on the guessing game roller coaster. Fun times.
j9ween3 responded:
I noticed a change after DD1 & then noticed another change after DD2. I'm 37 & they are heavier, more clots, more days. Getting old sucks!
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Mainemommy replied to j9ween3's response:
It could be worse this started for me at 23. Went til serveral years and a fibroid removal after DS better currently shhhhhhh
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