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Anyone have make-up foundation advice?
Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
I usually only wear tinted moisturizer and eyeliner. For "fancy" events, I add blush and mascera.

However, the girls and I are getting a photo made for my husbands birthday next week and I think my 44 year old skin needs more coverage.

Do you wear foundation? If so, what brand do you like?

I used to wear a Loreal that I loved but all the packaging has changed. I couldn't figure out which one it was or if they even still make the type I used!

Stephensmom1214 responded:
I wear a really light foundation from Clinique. I like it because my skin started breaking out a lot after DS was born, and in addition to their skin care line, the foundation I use is good for acne too. I don't know that I would buy foundation in a drug store, only because it's hard to match, KWIM? I like going to the make-up counter and having someone help me get the exact right color!
Patty, Erik, and Stephen (12/14/06)
sarah0323 responded:
I wear Maybelline mineral foundation. I like it doesn't give a lot of coverage but looks more "natural". I don't want to look like I have anything on. It does show some spots but it tones it down.

I used to not wear any make up until about 3 years ago. Before that I would wear a tinted moisturizer. This gives me a little more coverage without looking made up.
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tlkittycat1968 responded:
I use Revlon Colorstay and have been happy with it. It doesn't rub off on your clothes that easy.
Baby1at35 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
I do have a foundation I use which is femme (something..) got at Sally's Beauty. I really like it.
Then I also use on days I don't want to deal with foundation. Cover Girl powder foundation. I really like that as well.
Me (42) 2 busy boys 6 yrs and 5 yrs
phoenix31674 responded:
I like the L'Oreal mineral makeup. It covers nicely but doesn't look heavy. I don't know how it would work on someone older than me - I'm 37 but don't really have any wrinkles. I don't know if it would settle into crow's feet or something like that. I've always had acne prone skin and it doesn't seem to cause flare ups or anything.
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VicsEandJ replied to phoenix31674's response:
I'm 43, but don't have any wrinkles either- black don't crack - but I think that women with wrinkles can actually wear makeup the same as women who don't. If you're too dumb to apply makeup properly it doens't matter how old you are. Some of the most ghastly makeup jobs you see are often on yound dewy faced young womensomething who don't know what's appropiate.

I'm not much help Haylen, becuse I have never used foundation. I just use a little pressed powder to take the shine out of my nose.
Iocasta responded:
Funny you should mention this. I have been thinking of finally start using some type of very light foundation, likely mineral base, as I think my skin doesn't have the same glow it use to have, not much by way of wrinkles or crows feet it just seems a little dull. DH disagrees. Why not go to a M.A.C. and have a pro do your make up for the photo shoot. I go to a place for my mani/pedis that make their own cosmetics from all natural materials. I am going to check out the mineral based foundations there.
Iocasta replied to VicsEandJ's response:
Vics I hate you and your skin tone. At 48, I have been able to hold my own in the wrinkle department because of no harsh makeup, gentle cleansers, moisturizers, facials and lots of what I fondly refer to as snake oils. I spend a lot of time and money to trying to hold off age. I will never do anything surgical to stop the march of time. I just want to slow it a little if at possible.
VicsEandJ replied to VicsEandJ's response:
My almost the most nonsensical reply should have read :

Some of the most ghastly makeup jobs you see are often on young dewy faced teen and twenty-somethings who don't know what's appropriate.

While I may not have wrinkles in my advanced age- maybe a touch of arthritis is affecting my hands!
Mom2Emma23 replied to Stephensmom1214's response:
I've worn foundation since I was like 16.. in my opinion every woman could use a little foundation to smooth things out! I use Revlon Colorstay or Maybelline whipped is really nice too.
SarahDHEmma (4)
phoenix31674 replied to VicsEandJ's response:
Mineral makeups are a little heavier than pressed or loose powder and even if you apply it correctly I've read that it can clump in crow's feet and the like from normal facial expressions and such. I have no first hand proof of this though.

I do agree that you see a lot of horrible makeup on teens and twenty somethings who are trying to 'look older' and use far too much or choose the trendy colors even if it clashes with their skin tone.

Of course I also see a lot of older women who use the same shade of makeup they used when younger or try to 'tan' themselves with foundation leaving the tell tale shade change in the chin/neck area.

Check out some of the drug store return policies. A few of them will take back opened cosmetics if you aren't pleased with them.
Me (37), DH (36), DD (4), DS (10/4/10) and a cat
seeit2 replied to VicsEandJ's response:
Black don't crack! LMAO!
Esmerelda Supercalifragilistic (41) DD (5) DS (2) Just eat it, will ya
Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to VicsEandJ's response:
LOL LOL Vics! I agree that there is some serious ugly going on in the 20 something Thanksgiving feast yesterday I was thinking of your post when my 20 something nieces breezed in with oomap-loompa-looking foundation and drawn on eyebrows.

I'm fairly lucky in the wrinkle department...obsessive use of sunscreen really helped IMO.

I do have dark under-eye bags. "Allergy shiners" as my ENT doctor says. He also said he can't help me out but knows a plastic surgeon who can - NO THANKS doc!

VicsEandJ replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
Hyalen- Your niece's make-up sounds just plain scary!! You couldn't get away with that in my family - they would've been teased mercilessly!

Like when I say 'black don't crack', my mom, who has much darker skin than me- usually says that it doesn't apply to light skinned people, so I'd better watch out!

This post has made me decide that my old face needs more moisturizer in the winter. Thanks!! I like my delusions of youth and beauty!

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