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DH worried about DS liking "girl" things
ryanandleigh posted:
DH and I are disagreeing on this issue. DS is 6 (in Kindergarten) and because of his little sister likes to watch My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake. Of course he does watch other things - Batman, Clone Wars, Scooby Doo. But sometimes when asked he will pick MLP and it drives DH crazy since he thinks he should be watching "boy" shows. DS also will play with DD with her ponies though usually he is using his clones as well as the ponies. He has never asked us to buy him a "girl" toy. He usually says "You should buy this for Alexa. She would love it."

DH is concerned about him getting teased at school about watching "girl" shows and playing with "girl" toys. I say it isn't a big deal at this age. What do you all think? Is it a big deal?
Leigh, Jacen (6), Alexa (3)
Iocasta responded:
IMHO, your DH should lighten up. Even if he wanted a "girl" toy where is the harm? It sounds like your DS is merely capitalizing on the toys at hand.
sarahdear responded:
I agree with Steph, your DH should lighten up. This is especially timely as my son has been playing MLP with my DD the last couple weeks. She got a pony as a reward from the Treasure box at school for good behavior (we'd been having some issues) and then chose another pony as her home reward shortly thereafter. Both kids love playing with the ponies. DS plays with some we had gotten in some form of fast food kids meal and those are "his" ponies but he has said he doesn't want us to buy him his own pony, he just likes having the one he has to be able to participate with his sister.

In the same regard, DD will play army men with DS. She sides with her Dad b/c she's still a little too young to do it on her own, but she loves to attack DS's army and knock down his bridges, etc.

They both love to play house together with stuffed animals or dolls or "cook" in their play kitchen or really cook with me in the real kitchen.

I'm not worried about either one. It shows they can get along and don't have to do their favorite thing all the time.
Sarah 31, DH 37, George 5, Danielle 3
UKbluegirl2 replied to sarahdear's response:
My son is the same way. His teachers talk about how he has so many 'girlfriends' in his class. I tell them it's because he knows how to play well with girls thanks to his sisters and only cousins being girls.

Hopefully he'll make a good husband in about 30 years!
ryanandleigh replied to Iocasta's response:
I think his response stems from personal experience. He remembers being teased around age 8 or 9 for playing with a car that actually was a Barbie car that had been painted another color. DH was not happy when we gave DS a watering can at 18 months old. So really I think this is just his problem. You are correct - he needs to lighten up.
Leigh, Jacen (6), Alexa (3)
tlkittycat1968 responded:
My youngest brother was teased about playing with girls when he was in primary school but he didn't care. DS has his own doll stroller because he kept taking his sister's and making her scream.

As long as your DS is playing with age appropriate boy toys, I wouldn't worry.
VicsEandJ responded:
My DS would FREAK your DH out. I encourage my kids to paly with the same things- they are only a year apart and it makes things easier at home.

DS LOVED Dora the Explorer girls at the Shakira concert- he asked to see it as much as DD!

He also lets me paint his finger and toenails- though not the fingers as much because I think someone commented on it at school.

He will play with DD's things- but not for long, they both love his trains and cars, more.

DS's favorite song is Lady Gaga's Born this way- he loves to sing it as much as he loves to play with his penis-which as a boy, is a lot!!!!!!

DH never says anything but he has only one brother and grew up with mostly boys, so I'm sure he's worried. I'm not!
sarah0323 responded:
One of my boys would really freak out your DH. I come home from work and he has painted his fingernails. He is 4. He sees me paint my toe nails and his older sissy painting her nails so he wants to too. He mostly paints his nails blue but he does it himself and he is so proud to show them off. I won't break his heart and tell him he can't. I figure peer pressure will take care of it soon enough.

My boys all have a baby doll. I have told my SO that they are learning to be good daddies. They play mostly with their cars but also like to play "house". We just go with the flow.
Me 33, DD - O 12, DS1 -J 7, DS2 - Cr 6, DS3 - Co 4, DD2 - E (11/10)
Iocasta replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Levi and every other boy at park all had strollers at about 18 months to 2 yrs. Levi had cars in his stroller seat.

Wow getting upset about a watering can??? Levi loves his gardening tools.
Mainemommy replied to Iocasta's response:
Your DH should join my DH on a adult men worried there 6 yr old will be Gay FB page (there probably is one) A. So FREAKING WHAT if he is gay B. DS has an older sister I can assure you these activities plus many more are "normal" He also painted his toes Cherry Fudge THROUGH his socks. ( i don't paint mine)
Steph 38 DH 42 DD 9 Asthma eczema and allergies DS 5 Eczema and milk allergy

Backwards in High Heels
sarahogan responded:
Wow. He would really be freaked out about my son. He plays with boy toys and plays with both boys and girls at school. But, he changes all the little avatars for his video games into girls. Every single game that has a customizable character is now a girl. And let me tell you, that boy has some fashion sense! He put his most recent character into a cute skirt and shirt with knee high boots and a pink head band! Maybe he'll be a famous fashion designer when he grows up
kristinmarie722 replied to VicsEandJ's response:
My son loves Lady Gaga too! I have some of her videos DVR'd and he tries to imitate her dancing. LOL. I asked what he thought about her outfits and he said "sparkly". lol. I was kind of concerned with the videos being too sexual but he doesnt even notice that. Just her dancing and singing. He also loves Rhianna's music.

My DS plays house with his cousin. He used to play with her Barbie's but not anymore. Funny thing though he was playing with her fake dog and he asked her the dog's name and she said Beyonce and he got all funny about it, cause it was a "girl dog" lol.
DS- 7/4/2005
UKbluegirl2 replied to kristinmarie722's response:
My boy is more of a Mariah Carey kind of guy. My dad was playing Christmas videos on his pc for him and that was his favorite. He requests the "Christmas" all time time!
VicsEandJ replied to kristinmarie722's response:
LOL! My son is getting sensitve to boy vs girl, but it's jst starting. He plays with his sister's stuff even though, as he says, everything is purple and pink and sparkly! I bought him a Dora (or princess-it was a couple weeks ago, I forget which)locket for Christmas because I bought DD one and I know he'll like it when he sees it. My MIL bought Ella a little leopard purse with a stuffed toy dog tucked into when she came over for Thanksgiving. DS has been eying it and actuaally asked me to ask grandma to get him one too!

We watched some of Lady Gaga's Thanksgiving special- the kids danced around to the songs, but DS clearly thought she was a bit odd-you could tell by the way he was looking at the tv. He hadn't seen vidoes, just heard the songs. But he still sings the songs. I'm sure Rhianna is just around the bend!
Laney0705 responded:
My DS plays with all his little sister's toys and still likes to watch Dora and Olivia. On the other hand DD loves playing with her big brothers cars and robots and all the other boy toys. I don't think there's a problem with that either. It's just something to play with.

It's no big deal.

DS says all the time that he wants to be a dancer and both DH and I encourage that. We would never tell him he couldn't do or be anything he says he wanted to. Unless, of course, it posed a danger to himself or others.
Me(41)DH(38)DS(5)DD(17 months)

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