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OT - very nervous
peachteach1 posted:
My formal evaluation is tomorrow and for the first time in 20 years I am scared. I can use all of the prayers I can get at this point. I know I am a good teacher, but the new admin likes the new gals she hired and I was not one of them. I am hoping that she is pre-occupied with all the positions she has to fill over the next month, as an exodus has begun, that she will finally acknowledge I am a good teacher.
Baby1at35 responded:
((HUGS)) ... it will be alright. I get what you are saying though always fearful of the unknown. Also of the new admin which likes their "hand picked" ones so to speak.
Let us know how it goes.
I wish you were Henry's 1st grade teacher. Honestly our teacher this year is obviously burned out and Henry is having such a hard time. It breaks my heart. Anyway sorry off track.
Just that the world could use more teachers who really care like you!
Me (42) 2 busy boys 6 yrs and 5 yrs
peachteach1 replied to Baby1at35's response:
Thank you! I needed that more than you can know.
Iocasta responded:
Peach you know I have said forever that I wish you could be Levi's first grade teacher. You are going to do fine. Let us know how things go. ((((HUGS))) Good to hear from you.
peachteach1 replied to Iocasta's response:
Thanks your kind words mean so much to me.
sarah0323 responded:
Peach...I wish that you were my sons teacher. I am having so many issues and can't get anywhere. Good Luck today. Hope it went well. ((HUGS))
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MrsWhiteCastle responded:
I hope it goes well today, and you were worried for nothing.

Please update us when you can!
Emily (6) Elizabeth (4)
KC_94920 responded:
Good luck today, not that I think you'll need're a GREAT teacher and they are lucky to have you!
KC~ Mady (9) Logan (6.5) and Coco (3.5)
VicsEandJ responded:
Good luck today!

Good teachers are worth their weight in gold! Hope your evalution goes well!
Baby1at35 replied to sarah0323's response:
I am in your boat too. I am having some issues with Henry's teacher as well. I cannot wait to get this year over with and start fresh. It really does stink to deal with this..
Sorry to get OT.
Hope it went wll today Peach!
Me (42) 2 busy boys 6 yrs and 5 yrs
cinder44 responded:
I hope things went well today & you were worrying over nothing. Great teachers are rare!
Me, DH, DD(4), DS(4)
peachteach1 responded:
Thanks all! I thought things went very well, but she has her way and so I now must wait 48 hours to see if she approves.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to peachteach1's response:
Can't wait to hear how it went! I'm sure you hit it out of the park!

kristinmarie722 replied to peachteach1's response:
Glad to hear you feel that things went well! Good luck!
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