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My mission for the day:
baby1at35 posted:
Present wrapping while the boys are at school. Trying to get most if not all of it accomplished.
I have boxes all over (seems I did a lot on line this year!
I am picking the boys up early from school since Henry has a dentist appt. today. Teeth being filled. . (I am a bit nervous as these are his first to be filled. He is going to a pediatric dentist so I am certain they can make it a good experience. Plus I have to take him next week as well...
Me (42) 2 busy boys 6 yrs and 5 yrs
kristinmarie722 responded:
Have fun wrapping! My SO's 12 yr old helped me wrap DS's presents and I was so happy because I have a ton of little stuff. I hate wrapping!

Good luck to Henry at the dentist!
DS- 7/4/2005
crunk05177 responded:
My mission for the day is to finally get a majority of my christmas cards out!! I have had them since the very beginning of December....
Me (28), DH (30), DS1 - Michael (4) and DS2 - Nathan (1 - severe peanut allergy and an egg allergy)
VicsEandJ responded:
Good luck with the wrapping! I have some to do tonight and tomorrow night as well, so that I can get my presents to my family in the mail. I'm aiming for nights after the kids are asleep- this will be my week of no sleep!

James had to get teeth filled in October. I was more nervous than he was. He went to a pediatic dentist as well and she was very good with him. It was much faster than getting my own teeth filled and he didn't seem to be in a lot of pain. I got to stay in the room and hold his hand while his teeth were getting filled. the oddest thing for him was the numbing they did before starting. He got lots of stickers and goodies and the dentist told him that when you eat a sweet treat, chocolate is better for your teeth than gummies, which James interpreted as chocolate is good for you!
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Good luck at Dentist! My 6 year old had that procedure 2 weeks ago. I found it traumatic for ME. She was a trooper.

Present wrapping = tossing item in slightly used gift bag. Changing tag.

sarah0323 responded:
I'm taking the 23rd off from work to finish shopping and do all the wrapping. I wish I could make myself do it after the kids go to bed but I just don't have the energy after I get what I have to have done each day.
Me 33, DD - O 12, DS1 -J 7, DS2 - Cr 6, DS3 - Co 4, DD2 - E (11/10)
iocasta responded:
Good luck on the dentist. I need to get my act together on wrapping. I hate wrapping. I need to have it done before we head out to Scottsdale.
baby1at35 replied to iocasta's response:
Mission Accomplished !!!!
It is all wrapped and ready to go ! I am so doing the happy dance !
I do not like wrapping as well so getting this done is a huge relief. Now onto baking /cleaning !
My SIL just emailed me and said she loves wrapping so she would help. Darn ...should have waited !
Me (42) 2 busy boys 6 yrs and 5 yrs
VicsEandJ replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
For my MIL (and sometimes my sister) wrapping means coming over in the summer or fall with the gift in the bag it left the store in and handing it to you because she just found it!!
VicsEandJ replied to sarah0323's response:
I am only wrapping the presents to be mailed at night this week while also trying to bake. The presents for DH's family will get wrapped on the 23rd, 24th or 25th- we're seeing them on the 26th!

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