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Marble Jar... Nanny 911
Bradensmommy1969 posted:
Okay I never watch those nanny shoes but I must have watched it at some point or I wouldn't know about this. Anyway, I remember seeing an episode on the nanny 911 or supernanny show about the marble jar. Everytime you catch your child doing something good they get to put a marble in the jar. I'm pretty sure you can take marbles away also but I don't know exactly how it works. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Braden is really pushing my buttons lately and it's not that he's being totally naughty but he's giving us a hard time about everything. (getting dressed, shoes, brushing teeth etc etc) The reward system has always worked for him and positive reinforcement is always good. :smile: I know this board is slow but hopefully someone will jump on that knows. Thank you!
Bradensmommy1969 responded:
Sorry I cannot spell today. That should've read nanny shows and not shoes. :pbpt:
pcm110631 responded:
Well, I don't watch the Nanny shows and I'm not sure how the marble jar system works but we are using the Melissa & Doug responsibility chart right now. I provided the link below. We are using it as an incentive to get our DD to try a fruit or vegetable every day. She is terrible about trying new foods so every time she takes a bit of something new, particularly a fruit or veggie, she gets to put a magnet on the board and after 3 weeks of magnets she gets a trip to Chuck E Cheese. HTH a little... :smile:
mommytoaidanandtyler2 responded:
I found some good websites for ya...... Or Google Marble Jar reward system and they have a ton of other sites. Good luck. I wish I could do this with Aidan but he isn't into the reward thing :eyeroll: Which is okay I guess but there are some times I could threaten him with the reward. I usually just give him tons of praise and silly dances when he does something good.
Bradensmommy1969 responded:
And Heather I am going to check out those websites right now. Thanks! :smile:
OnBendedKne responded:
I tell my grandson that there are no "bad" (naughty) boys - only bad (naughty) decisions. So....was that a good decision or bad one? I think it helps teach him to be responsible for making a choice. They don't get to fight with grandma, they don't get to tell grandma no or you do it. He does get a 4 minute time-out every time. Sometimes all they need is 4 minutes to "reboot" Rather than retelling him why I gave him time-out, I ask him to tell me why I did before the big hug and I'm sorry Grandma.

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