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first loose tooth - question....
ryanandleigh posted:
DS is 6 and has his first loose tooth. He just showed it to me today. You can see the adult tooth already coming behind the baby tooth. It almost appears the new tooth will be in before the baby tooth comes out. Is this okay?

Totally new to this since this is our first loose tooth. (DS is excited and of course DH is out of town.) Do you usually have to pull the tooth or will it actually fall out on its own? (I had most of my baby teeth pulled by the dentist...probably a reason I hate the dentist.)
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Iocasta responded:
Yes, the same is happening to Levi. Our dentist told us that this might happen at our last visit and told us it is completely normal. We told Levi that he looks like a shark and thought it pretty cool. I expect his baby tooth to come out soon. It should come out on its own. Some wiggling y your DS will help. Levi isn't keen on it. I was bad about it as a kid and basically let them fall out of my head.
Baby1at35 replied to Iocasta's response:
Henry had this too. The big tooth on the bottom came in before the other fell out. It will eventually get looser and looser.
I had him kind of wiggle it to get it out at some point. It took us about 2 wks from the time we noticed it was loose before it came out.
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ryanandleigh replied to Baby1at35's response:
Good to know that it might take that long...I will see if I can get him to wiggle it. He isn't too keen on that idea right now. But he can't wait to have his name on the board at K of those who have lost a tooth - of course that will have to be after break no matter what happens.
Leigh, Jacen (6), Alexa (3)
sarahdear replied to ryanandleigh's response:
I had "shark teeth" when I was a kid on my bottom teeth. One of them came out while I was eating corn on the cob, the other one had to be pulled -- a sometimes side effect with shark teeth because if the adult tooth comes in behind it the baby tooth the baby tooth doesn't always get the chance to get loose. At least that's what my pediatric dentist told me at the time and DS's dentist told us this as well.

One tip I will give is to try using those toothpick swords, that's how DS pulled out his 2 previous teeth, but watch out they go flying!

DS has 2 more loose teeth that have been loose for over 3 months with no results. It's his top front teeth, I think the reason we have no progress with them is because he refuses to bite with them, everything goes in the side of his mouth.
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