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Walking to school
iocasta posted:
Levi and I had the following conversation:

Levi: Momma are you sad when I am in school?

Me: Sometimes, yes. We had a nice Holiday break together.

Levi: When I get older I will spend more time in school.

Me: That is true.

Levi: I know what happens when I'm 18.

Me: What?

Levi: I stay in school all day.

Me: That's right, you will be in college and will sleep there.

Levi: I don't want to sleep there.

Me: Right now you don't but you will. You can sleep at home if you want.

Levi: I want to sleep at home because I don't want to sleep on the hard floor.

Me: You will have a bedroom at college.

Levi: I want to sleep in my bedroom.

Me: Okay.

If I could only hold him to this.
kristinmarie722 responded:
(((HUGS))) Awwww so sweet. They grow up too fast.

I got DS a binder to hold loose leaf paper in it. And I told him how when I was in highschool we would decorate our binder, put pictures on the front, etc.
I went into his room this morning and he drew a picture of us together and put it on the binder cover. Made my heart melt
DS- 7/4/2005
VicsEandJ responded:
Steph, if yuou figure aout a way, please let me know!

James says the same things Levi says. Only he adds that he will marry Ella ( his sister!) and we will all always live together. He said this once when we were having dinner and when I told him that he can't marry his sister, he said 'you and daddy didn't live together when you were little?' He looked so sad when he said it, I felt bad for him.

I'm sure I will look just as sad when he does move out someday.
Today is his 1/2 birthday, I can't believe it's been 4 /12 years sine I became a mother.
laney0705 responded:
I love this age.

Ryder has been coming up with amazing things lately. He surprises me every day with what he's thinking.

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