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Ava - sick
UKbluegirl2 posted:
So Ava was struggling with a pain right between her ribs over Christmas break. It had absolutely no pattern and could not be traced to food or activity. As soon as we were prepared to take her in to the pedi, she would have a couple of symptom free days.

But it struck again Friday. The school nurse called me and discussed it with me. Ava told her that it was going on for a while, dad had emailed the doctor (we are friends) and that she had Spicy Doritos in her lunch (she had Wheat Thins). She was good before we could finish our conversation; so I made an appt with the pedi for 3:15.

He suggested that perhaps it was some acid that had built up in her stomach as a result of a possible virus that had no other symptoms. That her stomach may be 'sore' from it and therefore it's not healing or drying up.

He prescribed Prevacid; when I went to the pharmacy, it was going to be $165 (that was the best price for the generic after calling 3 places). Sooo I called him and asked for a possible subsitute. He had me buy Prilosec and dose it based on the pharmacist's recommendation.

She was good all weekend. But alas her stomach hurt last night....he said it may take a few days for the acid to dry up. But if she feels bad tonight, I will probably get the other. I hate to see her so sad and in pain!! She is so confused; she keeps asking if granny is a nurse, why can't she make her feel better.

Has anyone else's child experienced this?
VicsEandJ responded:
(((HUGS))) Lynn,

I have no idea or suggestions about what it can be, just wanted to say that I'm sorry that Ava is not feeling well. Hopefully the pedi can figure out what it is.
steckie98 responded:
Sorry Lynn, I have no idea. She didn't bruise or crack a rib somehow did she? If it keeps up for much longer, maybe they can do an xray or ultrasound to see if they can see anything. So sorry she isn't feeling good.
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Mainemommy replied to steckie98's response:
HI I have acid reflux from a hiatel hernia Can you get her the OTC Prevacid? Prilosec can take several days to help & only day to fail you if you miss a dose. I would recommend a food diary for you to keep sit down w her after it crops up & write down EVERYTHING! Its amazing what irrates a plain jane Hmburger can do it. boneless skinless chicken w no spicies or sauce ;-( If I recall correctly Kool aid too. Chicken gravy w rice worechester sauce black pepper & garlic can actually choke me
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Backwards in High Heels
cinder44 responded:
Oh no! I hope you can get it figured out soon & she starts to feel better quick!
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sarah0323 responded:
I don't have any advise but hope she gets to feel better.
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Baby1at35 replied to sarah0323's response:
How is she feeling? Hope she is doing better.
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UKbluegirl2 replied to Baby1at35's response:
Thank you ladies and thank you for asking Sandra!

She has not had anymore bouts since the one Monday night. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Prilosec is finally doing it's job...... I cringe each night at bedtime because that's when it seems most prevalent.

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