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    Laundry Tips
    Mainemommy posted:
    Can't recall if we have done this before do you have laundry tips you would like to share?

    Apparently pulling on the legs of Jeans is good to help them retain there length & not shrink. Sometimes I hang them on the line upside down. (not really sure it works)

    I use baking soda in the wash from time to time supposed to be good for my septic plus something else I cant recall

    I also use white vinager from time to time I think its for as a fabric softner.

    To remove stains I apply liquid dish soap ( the kind for hand washing dishes) directly to it also they say you can mis this w perioxide but I find it works well enough. Though apparently lemon scented can discolor I have read

    My mother still uses Lestoil on stains it works but I would rather use something not quite as strong.

    I also use Borax sometimes it seems to catch forgotten stains & during the summer we are over run w ants so its everywhere but not w/ any other potion
    Steph 38 DH 42 DD 9 Asthma eczema and allergies DS 5 Eczema and milk allergy

    Backwards in High Heels
    sarah0323 responded:
    I use vinegar alot as fabric softner.

    I also hang things on the line to dry in the summer. Saves on electric.

    I wash almost everything together in cold water.

    I keep a bottle of shout in the bathroom. When I notice a stain on the kids clothes I spray it with shout that way I know it gets sprayed before I wash it.
    Me 33, DD - O 12, DS1 -J 7, DS2 - Cr 6, DS3 - Co 4, DD2 - E (11/10)
    seeit2 replied to sarah0323's response:
    OMG I would be lost without Shout! Never thought to keep it in the bathroom though - that's a great idea!

    Vinegar will also get out mildew smells and stains. Soak it before you wash it with regular detergent.
    Esmerelda Supercalifragilistic (41) DD (5) DS (2) Just eat it, will ya
    baby1at35 replied to seeit2's response:
    I use vinegar as fabric softner too. Also to get out smells ect.

    Never thought to keep the stain remover in the bathroom!

    I also use those dry bars vrs. sheets? Why...because I do not have sheets stuck to things, all over the floor to pick up or lost inside some sheet /towel somewhere! They last 2-3 months. I really like them. And the bounce one has one that is one of those "fragrance free " types.

    I use the oxy clean to get out a lot as well that other products haven't worked on.
    Me (42) 2 busy boys 6 yrs and 5 yrs
    peachteach1 replied to baby1at35's response:
    OOOh, thanks for telling me about their having a fragrance free one. I need to look for that.
    peachteach1 responded:
    If you forgot to get the laundry in the dryer and it is beginning to sour add a cup of baking soda and rewash.
    Mainemommy replied to peachteach1's response:
    OUr washer is downstairs so is the bathroom the Idea is to put your stained item on top of the washer that way I know
    Steph 38 DH 42 DD 9 Asthma eczema and allergies DS 5 Eczema and milk allergy

    Backwards in High Heels
    sarah0323 replied to baby1at35's response:
    I used to use the dryer bar and loved it. I do too much laundry though. I was going through a bar about every 3 weeks.
    Me 33, DD - O 12, DS1 -J 7, DS2 - Cr 6, DS3 - Co 4, DD2 - E (11/10)
    kristinmarie722 responded:
    When do you put the vinegar in and how much? Regular white vinegar?

    DS- 7/4/2005
    FarmWife1979 responded:
    I wash everything but the bath towels on the cold water setting. Saves energy and helps cut down on the fading and shrinking. Towels are run on hot.

    I use those Tide release packs with DD's laundry and DH's work clothes - helps get out some of the spots I miss when I'm pretreating with Shout spray.

    Run an empty load once a month with a cup of bleach to clean the washer.

    Clean your lint trap every time and vaccuum it out regularly to help your dryer run more effiecently. Don't forget to check the vent to the outside of your house as well.

    I switched from Tide to Purex about 6 months ago and love it. Works just as well at about half the price.
    crunk05177 replied to FarmWife1979's response:
    Not many people know this but dryer sheets deteriorate the antiflammatory protection that is in children's clothes. I don't use them for the kid's stuff for that reason. We are having a horrible horrible time with static this year especially since I just bought everyone fleece pjs. Any natural suggestions I could use to get rid of the static?
    Me (28), DH (30), DS1 - Michael (4) and DS2 - Nathan (1 - severe peanut allergy and an egg allergy)
    seeit2 replied to crunk05177's response:
    I saw a blurb on TV about used frier sheets and all of their uses - googled and found this link, don't know how true they all are but I can attest to the dusting and lint removal:

    Crunk - we use a humidifier in the house (just a floor model from Wal-mart) and that cuts down the dryness and static a lot.
    Esmerelda Supercalifragilistic (41) DD (5) DS (2) Just eat it, will ya
    sarah0323 replied to crunk05177's response:
    Get a big ball of aluminum foil and toss it in with your clothes. The theroy is that as the ball is tumbling around with your clothes it will discharge the static. I have tried this before and it really did work. You will need a big ball though because it will shrink over time in the dryer.

    Another option that I have heard good things about but have never tried is those dryer balls. They are rubber balls with little nubs all over the ball.
    Me 33, DD - O 12, DS1 -J 7, DS2 - Cr 6, DS3 - Co 4, DD2 - E (11/10)
    sarah0323 replied to kristinmarie722's response:
    I have a downy ball. I just fill it up and toss it in when I put the clothes is. I fill the ball all the way up.

    I have also just put the vinegar in the fabric softner dispenser in the washer.

    Basically the vinegar goes in at the same time as you would put your fabric softner in.

    I use regular white vinegar. I use about a cup.
    Me 33, DD - O 12, DS1 -J 7, DS2 - Cr 6, DS3 - Co 4, DD2 - E (11/10)

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