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100th day of school tommorow!
baby1at35 posted:
I can't believe they have been in school that many days already! Without one snow day. (very mild winter thus far ! )
So Tre had a project we had to count out 100 M&M's for him to take tommorow. Then we ate the rest of course...Haha!
Henry said they have 100 activities (not doing that many but activities involving the number 100 ..LOL Took awhile for me to figure that one out ! LOL

Feels like time is flying. Tre is getting so big and growing so much in kindergarten. Henry is too in 1st grade. Henry has matured so much in the last few weeks. It is scary how he is processing information like a grown up kid. Where have my babies gone?
I have to say though I really love these ages. It is so much fun to have conversations with them about their thoughts.
Me (42) 2 busy boys 6 yrs and 5 yrs
VicsEandJ responded:
Happy 100th day of school!

Today is James & Ella's 94th day of school. Only the pre-k class keeps track of hte dyas. They ahve a big chart up in the classroom. I get a daily report on what # they are up to. His class is having a party when they get to 100.
I agree that the conversations at this age are very fun.Mine are just getting started with having long elaborate conversations with each other. It's so cute.

Just wait, before you know, you will be posting that Henry is graduating high school. Time does fly. My sweet little nephew (he's 24) started student teaching a class of high school students on Wednesday. It seems like only yesterday he was James's age.
UKbluegirl2 replied to VicsEandJ's response:
It is our 100th day also!! We took in 100 Strawberry Mini Wheats. Ava wanted something pink.

We did eat a few while we were counting....
samijac responded:
Yesterday was Sami Jo's 100th day of school. She opted to do a poster with the number 100 on it and 100 fruit loops glued on the 100. Parents were encouraged to attend school so Jack and I spent most of the day with her class. Jack will be in pre-k this fall so he LOVED going to school yesterday and doing Kindergarten work!

And, yes I love the real conversations we have now. Don't know if most of the distractions are removed or what, but we have the best conversations when we are in the car.
sarah0323 responded:
Our 100th day is Monday. We sent in 100 honey nut cherrios, and 100 cheez its. The teachers through out the elementary school have something planned for each grade.

The K is putting together a book of 100's. (What can you do 100 of? What would you like to eat a 100 of? etc.) and working on counting to 100.

The 1st grade is working on differnt ways to write 100.

Both classes will make a 100 snack mix.
Me 33, DD - O 12, DS1 -J 7, DS2 - Cr 6, DS3 - Co 4, DD2 - E (11/10)
seeit2 responded:
Ours is Thursday. Kids are bringing in 100 items counted out, like you guys are. It scares the hell out of me to think what will be sent into the classroom - so I am sending a few packages of baby wipes with Lily that day. (Subtle, I know, but her teacher appreciates the donations and it's what I send in). We will probably be counting out pennies for that day.
Esmerelda Supercalifragilistic (41) DD (5) DS (2) Just eat it, will ya
ryanandleigh responded:
Our 100 days is next Tuesday. DS had to do a project at home involving 100 items. We used 100 skittles to make the outline of a Star Wars Tie Fighter and put the number 100 in the middle. We had a few extra skittles which we used as stars. He is taking it to school on Monday.
Leigh, Jacen (6), Alexa (3)
msoy1 responded:
Ours is next Tuesday; and Zack opted for our solar system; and 100 stars pasted around the planets; reach to the stars on the 100th day! We too; have had an unusually mild winter. Our only "snow" day was actually do to flooding in our area; back in September
iocasta responded:
I found out yesterday that Levi's is on 2/16. They are making 100 bead necklaces. The room mom asked for volunteers to help the kids make the necklaces and to provide pony beads and shoe laces. I am going to help out.
VicsEandJ replied to iocasta's response:
I got my flyer from DS's teachers this morning. Their 100th day is next Monday. He has to bring in 100 of something. I'm going to count his matchbox cars- to me it seems like he has 100 of them!

They are going to be doing math projects with them.

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