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Mom of the Year Moment - OT
UKbluegirl2 posted:
So I got home Tuesday night and Mia was walking around strutting her stuff in very tight outfit from her past. When I asked her about it, she proudly pounded her chest and said "I love it!" her catch phrase.

It seems she spilled her drink all over herself at school and that was the only outfit in her cubby. Mom of the year here still had a 6-9 month outfit at school as a backup!!! OMG it was was so tight across her stomach and a bit short in the legs but fit everywhere else. I meant to get a picture.....

My mini Mia!!!
steckie98 responded:
Too funny! I know how easy it is to kind of forget about those extra clothes at daycare.
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VicsEandJ responded:
Very funny!!!

Extra clothes at daycare are easy to forget. At my DC's daycare, as soon as the season cahnges, the owner puts up signs to bring new stuff- but if the weather hasn't changed, most don't tight away, then the kid has an accident, of course on the first day of the new weather and end up looking interesting!

When James was potty training, it felt I needed to bring all of his clothes to daycare, because he had a couple of weeks with multiple accidents a day- he had a big regression! One day he had gone through everything so the teacher had to put him in some euro-looking pants from the unclaimed lost and found clothes box- they were super tight and too short. I've also gotten a call to stop at home to get shoes when he peed through the ones he had there!

The teachers have also borrowed some of James's stuff when another kid had outgrown what was in their supply of extra clothes since James was always big for his age.

I love Mia's catch phrase!
iocasta responded:
Nice. Can she still wear the Tea Collection dress?
UKbluegirl2 replied to iocasta's response:
probably Steph!!!!! at least with leggings.
baby1at35 replied to UKbluegirl2's response:
I always forget to change them out as well.
Of course when I took out the summer type clothes I forgot to replace. The one day there was an accident. UGH!
No worries at least they fit her somewhat!
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