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Maternity clothes?
FarmWife1979 posted:
Yeah, that seems off-topic doesn't it? Except that I now a positive home pregnancy test and an appointment this week with the OB. So, having slept a few times since being pregnant with DD, I don't remember anything about where I found maternity clothes before. It'll be a little bit before I need them, but I better start looking now since I need Tall as well as plus sized maternity clothes. I am a pre-preg size 18 with a 35" inseam, so I imagine it is going to be a challenge to find a pair of maternity jeans that fit (and I hate wearing dresses).

If anyone has any websites please let me know! I'll probably have to order in everything since there are NO maternity shops within a 2 hour radius of where I live.
baby1at35 responded:
I do know old navy has a few tall/plus size pants. JcPenny used to.

Congrats !!!
Me (42) 2 busy boys 6 yrs and 5 yrs
BekahS responded:
Old navy, motherhood maternity, and gap all have longs/talls. But of course you have to order them online. I understand your issues. I had the same problem when I was pregnant with Avery. Now (I'm 24weeks) stores seemed to realize that tall people get pregnant too! Congrats!!
FarmWife1979 responded:
Thanks Ladies! That gives me a place to start looking!
VicsEandJ responded:

I don't normally wear tall clothes (I'm 5'7"), but I often by tall tops- I've got long arms and big boobs and I like the way tall tops fit better. I bought tall maternity stuff from Old Navy and JCPenney- they had nicer work stuff.
sarah0323 responded:

I'm by no means tall but I bought stuff for my last PG at Motherhood Maternity, JC Penney's and Old Navy.
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Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
I lived in Target leggings when I was preggo. Threw a big t-shirt and a hooded sweatshirt over it and that was my uniform.

Congratulations! Are you feeling "pink" or "blue" for this baby?

FarmWife1979 replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
Hoping for Pink - since we already have all the girly stuff! But blue is just fine too.
steckie98 responded:
Carrie(33), DH (37), DS(4), DD(9/14/11)
linzuh04 responded:
cinder44 responded:
Me, DH, DD(4), DS(4)
FarmWife1979 responded:
Thanks ladies! I've got a tenative due date of Nov. 4th. Probably will be a little earlier because this will be a scheduled C-section.

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