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Big changes afoot
seeit2 posted:
DH's contract, (the job we moved to Texas to take) which was a one-year contract that "could" have gone three years, has not been renewed. So he is looking for a new gig. We knew full well when we moved here that it might only be a one-year thing and are totally fine with the lack of work - aside from what the tax man will take, we have a ton of money socked away. But we don't know when the next gig will come along so I went out last week and found a full-time job just to keep the money coming in.

So now DH and I are trying to wrap our heads around the change in roles - he's going to be home with the kids while I go off to work for the first time in 6 years. It's crazy. Luckily DH is such an involved daddy already that I don't think it will be too big a deal for the kids. I'm just not sure if we'll be eating mac n cheese for dinner ever night.
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sarah0323 responded:

My SO stays home with the kids as well. The biggest thing I had to learn was not to be a control freak. Just because SO doesn't do it the way I would doesn't mean his way is wrong.

We eat more mac n cheese and hot dogs than I would like but as long as the kids don't mind I'm fine with it. What helped me get out of the mac n cheese rut was a monthly menu. We may not have it on that night but we know what can be made. The crock pot is also a godsend. Dump it in the crockpot the night before and the next morning all you have to do is turn it on before leaving.
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kc_94920 responded:
Congrats on the new job! What a great opportunity for your family.
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VicsEandJ responded:
The role reversal sounds cool. Buy DH a cookbook with easy recipes for beginners- I'm sure there must be one for 'Mr. Mom' somewhere!

Are you excited to be going back to work?
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:

I'm impressed that you were able to find a job in this economy..what are you going to be doing?

I think your DH will do a great job as a SAHD

baby1at35 replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
What is your new job?
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seeit2 replied to baby1at35's response:
It's a private preschool/daycare. I wanted to put DS there a few mornings a week but we couldn't afford it. The great thing is, I get a great discount for his care (and DDs) if I need to take him with me, even full-time will be manageable. So if DH gets a gig in another state and has to travel, I can still work and see the kids are safe.
Esmerelda Supercalifragilistic (41) DD (5) DS (2) Just eat it, will ya
j9ween3 replied to seeit2's response:
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Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to seeit2's response:
That sounds happy for you guys!

I hear it is hot in Texas right now - Facebook friend just sent pic of her kids in her unheated pool!

steckie98 responded:
Congrats. Good luck with hubby being Mr Mom!
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iocasta replied to seeit2's response:
Congrats. It does sound like a great gig.
crunk05177 responded:
Sounds like everything is working out. I love when things turn out in your favor! Good luck!
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VicsEandJ replied to seeit2's response:
That sounds great. Everyone at my kids preschool/daycare is so nice and are great with the kids. It's awesome that you'd be able to bring DS too if you need to!

Good luck!
sarah0323 replied to seeit2's response:
That sounds great!!
Me 33, DD - O 12, DS1 -J 7, DS2 - Cr 6, DS3 - Co 4, DD2 - E (11/10)
UKbluegirl2 responded:
Congrats Deb! You guys bounce back so well! What a great family. Your children are blessed and will benefit so much from your resilience and examples.

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