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Screen-Free Week - could you do it?
Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
April 30 - May 6 is Screen-Free Week - an annual event in which parents, children, teachers, and others across the country turn off screen media (TV, video games, computers, cell phones, etc.) and celebrate the magic of being unplugged.

I have to say no since we use watching American Idol to threaten the kids into good behavior. I admit: we need to cut it down - but a whole week? No. Maybe if we were on vaca...

Would you? Could you?


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Could your kids go "screen-free" for a week?
  • Sure! Not a problem...
  • Would be tough but we could do it (maybe)
  • I'd like to - realistically it won't happen
  • NO WAY
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tlkittycat1968 responded:
During hockey play-offs? No way!

DH is seriously addicted to his soap (The Young and the Restless) so I really doubt he could to for a week without watching it. I probably could since we automatically record shows so I'd be able to watch them later.
VicsEandJ responded:
No way would I ever even consider it!!!! We all have our addictions and tv is mine!

I'm sure, if forced- i.e. dropped off in the jungle somhwere, etc-I could do it, but there is no way that I would willingly EVER do it!!

I think everything- even tv- is good in moderation. Doing everything in extremes is not the solution to anything!
Stephensmom1214 responded:
I wish we could, BUT, DS has a severe speech delay, and uses a communication on the iPad. If he ASKS to watch something (either on TV or youtube), we allow it for the most part, because it encourages communication (both verbal, and with his AAC). But it wouldn't hurt for us to cut back, I suppose.
Patty, Erik, and Stephen (12/14/06)
seeit2 responded:
My kids could easily go screen-free. I am currently without any TV but broadcast and a rickety I'm doing a lot of reading right now. (And sometimes I browse Zulu for stuff I really wanted to see). But I need my phone and my laptop and so does DH. So we would find it very difficult, especially since we are waiting for word on another contract for DH.
Esmerelda Supercalifragilistic (41) DD (5) DS (2) Just eat it, will ya
iocasta responded:
We could do it, there wasn't an expectation by our respective jobs that we are contactable via e-mail. It is nice when we go on vacations to places where the internet is dicey so we can tell everyone that we may not get back to them quickly but those places are getting harder and harder to find.
iocasta responded:
I just read your question more carefully sorry I miss read it at first. Yes, Levi could easily go screen free for a week. He does it quite often.

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