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Questioning myself a lil
Mainemommy posted:
So I've been talking w/ an old friend from high school {male} & I said I had gone back to bed cuddling my son. He said Luke was Limitless! Well I know THAT'S not true Ds is 6 now he is in K {late b-day He IS my last! {medical reasons} He is my more sensitive child. Am I outta the norm by letting him creep into bed around 2? I have done Mom & Child camp two years We seem to all be or have been bay nursing co sleepers. Ds has his own bed & room. What do you ladies do?
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neeru_pdx responded:
What is norm anyway?! Do what works for you and your child. Extra love and cuddles is not going to hurt him, it will make him more secure and confident. Stop if it is bothering you, or your hubby. Basically, if it is becoming a problem for your family, you need to find a solution. Otherwise - it will not last forever, 6 is still so young. Love it, cherish it.
kristinmarie722 responded:
My DS still slept in bed with me, until my fiance and I got engaged and he moved in.
I still lay in bed with DS and cuddle with him. We are both very affectionate with each other. I figure it wont last much longer, so I am going to get it as much as I can.
For us, it's a nice time to bond. Wind down after a long day, cuddle in bed and watch a movie
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VicsEandJ responded:
My kids are free to crawl into bed with DH & I whenever they want. I am too tired to get up in the middle of the night to put them back to bed.

Despite the hysteria, there is no harm to the child and when was the last time you ever saw a teenager still sleeping with their parents! And there is rarely one right answer to any parenting issue- depsite what the insecure and defensive will have you believe.

DS is 18 months older than DD and he, on his own, crawls into bed with us less often than DD does. Neither of my kids have any sepration issues- we are all just cuddlers- we do it on the sofa too, while watching a lot of tv!

I say enjoy it while it lasts. Before you know it he won't wnat to be seen with you, let alone sleep with you!
krazykatt707 responded:
My son is very sensitive too, way more than my daughter. I cuddle with him in his bed while I read him a bedtime story and sometimes we talk a little afterwards too so he can have some one on one time with me. (His sister goes to bed about an hour before him.) I say do whatever works for you and your child. Each kid and parent are different. He's only 6, not 16.
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