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Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day
iocasta posted:
I just recieved an e-mail from our school's co-chairs for the Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day committee regarding teacher gifts. They asked that we not give large gifts as the teachers will be taken out to lunch at a local restuarant that day (parents are acting a subs during the luncheon) but consider having our child(ren) create something for their respective teachers. I am glad to have recieved this e-mail as I would have likely forgotten completely but at a loss what to do. Of course, Levi will make cards for his teachers but I feel like should give something, at least for his main teacher and teacher assistant. His ancillary teachers (French, Art, Music, P.E and the Librarian) homemade cards will do. I'm not into mugs or bath soap kind of things, I fear teachers get too much of that stuff. I would like to avoid gift cards, if at all possible. Any thoughts?
UKbluegirl2 responded:
Oh Steph you are THE BEST gift giver.

I would think a gift certificate for mani or pedi would be greatly appreciated as I look down at my much neglected fingers.... Also I realized last week that I've not had a massage since I was pregnant with Ava.

IMO pampering gifts are the best and often the most forgotten! Hmm...but that is a gift card of sorts. Sorry.

Last year our homeroom mom got a really nice tote for the teacher and asst. We then got books, lotions, beach towels, magazines, etc. for a summer at the pool. I thought that was a very creative and useful gift! Even if the they don't go on a trip those items can be used for relaxing...
baby1at35 responded:
I usually give a nice flower arrangement.(or small plant) Both teachers seemed to love that. Or another thing stationery type things for notes ect.
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nursingbug replied to baby1at35's response:
My mil worked as an assistant in a preschool, and she got TONS of candles, cups, etc. I would say anything that does not have to be stored, or something that will be used up. Even a really nice handwritten note of appreciation may be nice...
VicsEandJ responded:
Tuesday is the big day. I have been tryign to think of what to get as well. I am leaning towards gift cards because daycare/preschool teachers are severely underpaid- no matter what their pay.

The kids are making watercolor paintings ( DS is doing Monet at school) and we will probably bake cookies for all of the teachers to share- I really love their daycare, everyone is so wonderful to my babies!

Ask Levi what he thinks the teachers in question might like. You don't have to take his advice, but kids seem to know everything about their teachers, their interests etc. Maybe he'll give you something useful!
laney0705 responded:
Ryders school sent home a day by day schedule of what they are doing for Teacher appreciate week. One day he has to bring in a flower and another day he has to bring in a gift, and then also a home made card.

He has his main teacher and then he also goes to the other K class for some reading. Do I have to buy her a flower too?

I told him I will take him to the $ store and he can pick something for his teacher.
sarah0323 responded:
I have a couple of ideas that I have been thinking about. I have 4 teacher gifts to get so I try to do something different but similar for each one

Summer Survival Kit (1):
I picked up a beach bag and put a pair of flip flops, sunscreen, a magazine and beach towel.

Summer Survival Kit (2):
Plastic Sun Tea container put a plastic cup with lid in the tea container along with some different tea bags.

Classroom Survival Kit (this teacher ask for things that she can use in her classroom):
Plastic shoe box filled with classroom supplies (dry erase markers, paper clips, binder clips, crayons, markers, highlighters, and chocolate)

Another idea is buy some books that the library has been wanting. Then on the inside put why the book was donated to the library "In honor of French, Art, Music teachers etc who have given so much of themselves." Then in a card to the teacher you tell them what you have done.

For the para's I picked up some cute coffee mugs or tea cups and we are going to plant a flower in each. Hint: thrift stores are a great place to pick these up at usually at a good price too.
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seeit2 responded:
When I was a teacher one of my students gave me an azalea bush. It was a real bear to get home but I planted that thing under my front window and every year when it bloomed I thought of Michael. I loved it.

Lily is painting a birdhouse for her teacher, which she chose to do. It's seems a little over-the-top but this year has been really nerve-wracking for all of us with the allergies and this teacher has really gone above and beyond - I'm not sure any gift can really express how much we love her. The rest will get home-made cards or a cupcake, we have not decided. And the school nurse will get something special too - she really earned her money this year.
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iocasta responded:
Everyone, thanks for the ideas.

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