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    Mother's Day plans...
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Do you have any for yourself or your mom or your MIL?

    So far, nothing on the calendar for me. My kids thought the idea of "breakfast in bed" was hysterical.

    UKbluegirl2 responded:
    My Wil turns 4 on Mother's Day. Still trying to figure out what I'm doing for that one. Mother of the year, I know. But it's really snuck up on me! I cannot believe my boy is going to be 4YO!!! Do you ladies remember when I was preggo with him and I tripped at 9 months preggo and bounced and was admitted and later released?

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get a spa package for Mother's Day. I've also been eyeing two new Coach's. However I've not told DH about either idea. So I'll probably get running gear (his go to gift).
    crunk05177 responded:
    We visit my grandmother in the nursing home since she is now unable to leave the facility. We used to take her out every year but since having a stroke now 2 years ago, we go to her. They have someone come and play music for the residents and give all the women residents a flower. The kids enjoy it a lot. Afterwards the family is coming to us for a BBQ. I usually don't get gifts or husband isn't creative...I used to get offended until I realized he wasn't "trying" to be a jerk lol it's just how he is lol....
    Me (28), DH (30), DS1 - Michael (4) and DS2 - Nathan (1 - severe peanut allergy and an egg allergy)
    baby1at35 responded:
    No plans.
    I know the boys are making something at school..
    Me (42) 2 busy boys 6 yrs and 5 yrs
    VicsEandJ responded:
    No plans for that day. The kids have a swimming class, but I think they are planning to 'get' me breakfast- they love donuts and bagels, so that's me guess.

    DH will get me some gift- I have given no hints becausse I want only something small. We are going to Boston to see the Red Sox since I've never been to Fenway- so I told DH that could be my present since I am totally psyched for it.

    DH will cook dinner- I get to pick the menu. I'll likely go with penne alla vodka because he makes it yummy and the kids & I LOOOVE it!

    We are planning to do something with my mom and MIL ( separately) later in the month.
    sarah0323 responded:
    We are going to take both of my Grandma's to dinner. In part to celebrate mother's day and part to celebrate my DD's 13th birthday. We will take my SO's mom some flowers and maybe a card if I go get it.

    I took the boys to the grocery store the other day and they were trying to decide what they could buy me there. I told my SO that Friday when they get out of school he needs to take them shopping. Otherwise I'll end up with a bottle of ketchup. Knowing my boys I will either get hot wheels or a toy tractor.

    My SO normally doesn't do anything special for holiday's. It isn't that he doesn't care or is being a jerk but if I don't spell it out he just won't do it.
    Me 33, DD - O 12, DS1 -J 7, DS2 - Cr 6, DS3 - Co 4, DD2 - E (11/10)
    laney0705 responded:
    DH has to work so we are meeting up by his work b/c there is a big park there. We might go to the water front and walk around. Then probably grab a little something to eat. I told him I don't need anything but I'm sure he'll get me something from the kids. It's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend so a nice park and by the water sounds perfect.
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to laney0705's response:
    Just saw that there is a Family Yoga class at the studio where I take classes. The girls love it - I think their fave part is that we all take a shower there together and use the soap, shampoo and conditioner from the dispensers on the wall - they call it "fancy". They have a tea area and we have a tiny cup of tea (if it's no caffeine!)

    Sort of seems like my husband wins as he will be alone for a few hours!

    Oh, and we'll watch hockey if the Kings are on - still waiting for schedule!


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