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Summer Entertainment
BekahS posted:
I know you all shared your busy Junes but I was curious how you plan on keeping the kids entertained ALL summer...... Poor Avery will have a boring summer with me and a little baby so I was trying to figure out if there was any good, semi inexpensive entertainment ideas. We will have playdates and a few trips to the local amusement park/petting zoo. But was looking for something different. Any ideas are welcome!
mrswhitecastle responded:
Nothing wrong with boring -- think of it as relaxing, instead!

A good sized blow-up pool and some pool toys provide hours of fun. I always forget about activities at the library. You might want to check out their website to see if yours has any.
Emily (7) Elizabeth (5)
sarah0323 responded:
June is our active month then July will be pretty boring and August it will pick back up again.

My kids are doing the summer reading program at the library. We also have a small pool that they will spend hours in if we let them. Their dad will also take them fishing. We will go to the amusment park once this summer. My kids just want to play outside and ride bikes. They don't really want any schduled activities.
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UKbluegirl2 replied to sarah0323's response:
I may be in the minority, but I like my kids to be bored. It makes them use their imaginations!

That being said, I am trying to keep the summer relatively low key. We have a sitter coming to the house Monday through Wednesday. She does 'school work' with the older 2 for about 30 minutes to an hour. They then read a few books. After that is outside to play. She leaves at lunch time and then DH feeds them, they take a nap, and then it's unstructured play in their play room until dinner.

Thursdays are free play basically all day while DH tries to work. I am working 4 ten hour days in the summer and will be taking them to the pool on Fridays. DH just paid our dues at a new club and I will probably start taking them the week day evenings also if they have a good day.

Boring is good! And a new baby will keep everyone from being bored. Congrats!
baby1at35 replied to UKbluegirl2's response:
We have a nice mix of bored/relaxed/free time and scheduled activities. This week is VBS in the mornings and nothing for afternoons. Just playing /free time.
Next week is baseball 2 evenings a week (6pm-7pm) and that is it.
We are on vacation the following week.
The next camp isn't scheduled until late July.
We also do swimming lessons on Saturday.
So plenty of time to hang out at home, go to the zoo, childrens museum ect.
Last year I felt that I scheduled too much in June. July is usually nothing scheduled.
Me (42) 2 busy boys 6 yrs and 5 yrs
iocasta responded:
You might want to check out what your local library has to offer.

Levi will be in camp from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for 10 weeks this summer at two different camps. The last two weeks of summer will be a short vacation and general free for all. The first camp is 8 weeks at another private school. It will have regular camp type activities, swimming, arts & crafts, controlled chaos, fieldtrips . . . The second camp will be two weeks at our club basically all physical activities: tennis, yoga, swimming . . . with some arts & crafts. He will have swim practice 4 days a week. We will do the public library reading program. I plan on working on his writing, telling time and working on understanding money as other academics for the summer. He will have a full summer.
VicsEandJ replied to UKbluegirl2's response:
I'm with Lynn,
I never think about keeping them entertained. I wish we doidn't have so many scheduled activities as it is. There is nothing worng with just sitting still and doing nothing every once in a while, IMO.

MY DC like to draw and that's usally what they do when we are inside and nothign is going on other than watching sports.
kc_94920 responded:
I've never really had to enteratin my kids once they were preschool aged. When we're home we do things together , they play as a group or they play alone. I make sure we have a good supply of age appropriate stuff and am happy to offer up ideas but in the end, most of the time, the activity is their choice to make. My summer supplies include play dough, model magic, moon sand, sidewalk chalk, beads, stickers, markers, water colors, fingerpaint, ink pads, stampers and lots of paper. They also make good use of their Legos, Magna Tiles, blocks, Geo Trax, board games, card games, Wii, hula hoops and balls (lots and lots of balls).

Now that 2 of them are school aged they do more weeks of camp than not but I also think my 4 year old is better off with a few weeks of camp so she can let loose and play with kids her own age. Does your DC go to preschool? Have you looked into local day camp options?
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BekahS replied to kc_94920's response:
Thank you ladies for all the ideas. Avery does go to preschool but not for the summer. She will be starting school in the fall. I guess I was just concerned that she would be bored but maybe I'm overthinking it. Kids are so creative on their own! I'll make sure to get her together with plenty of her friends so they don't lose contact over the summer. And I will look into the library, they probably do have some sort of summer reading/story time activities.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to BekahS's response:
My kiddo just saw a $1.00 movie. There's a free program at various locations. Click the link below for more info:

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