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Why am I the only one who can find anything?!?!?!
Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
Mom, where's my _____________?!?!?

DH stomped around the house this morning (kids still asleep) looking for his car keys while I was on a deadline. The second I finished, I stood up, walked into the kitchen and found them on the counter.

Do I have superpowers, perhaps? I'd rather be able to fly...

Are you the "finder" in your house?

tbkittycat responded:
Sometimes. Usually I ask hubby to help find something and he usually finds it in less than five minutes. There have been times I've found something he couldn't find.
sarah0323 responded:
Sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes. I'm the finder for the kids. My SO won't ask for help when he is looking for something. The kids are getting better at putting their stuff where it belongs. I will only help them look for 1 thing a week. Am I mean? maybe, but with 5 kids I can't keep track of everything and I wouldn't get anything else done.
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kc_94920 responded:
I am the finder for sure. DH has a special knack for never knowing where anything is unless it specifically belongs to him. We've been through three babyhoods and every time I asked him to feed one of them, he asked where the babyfood/cereal/sippy cups were. Every. Single. Time.

The kids are getting better but I'm still expected to know where all the rascal shoes, missing Legos and the ever vanishing iPod could be hiding. DS even called me from a sleepover at Nana's to ask where his blankie was (it was in his overnight bag...).
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laney0705 responded:
oh my gosh yes!! it's crazy. i can be pointing right at something and the kids still don't see it.

DH is also really bad. He looks and looks and I go and find it right away.

i agree i'd rather have a more cool superpower then "finder" of stuff.
seeit2 responded:
I've said it here'd think I rearrange the house every 12 hours for how lost everyone is about their stuff. Even when I was working and out of the house for 10 hours a day I knew better where stuff was than anyone else - how does that work?
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