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Wrestling - make it stop!
seeit2 posted:
Do you let your kids wrestle? I grew up between two boys (fighting for my life it seemed) and swore I would never let my kids pile on each other like that but I swear I cannot keep them off each other these days. They are like two puppies rolling around on the floor every chance they get. Do you guys put up with it at home? So much's driving my nuts.
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laney0705 responded:
DH started the wrestling thing with Ryder and Ryleigh. It drives me nuts b/c someone always winds up hurt and crying. But they still keep at it. Also, DH is always roughing them up (play fully) and then he gets mad when they walk by him and give him a slap or two. The hitting and rough housing is terrible. I yelled very loudly last night mostly at DH to stop the hitting. Ryder can't separate between the "playing" that DH does and just plain hitting. So I blame DH when he complains that they hit.
sarah0323 responded:
Wrestling isn't allowed at home. If they want to wrestle then they go outside. If you figure out how to get them to stop shrieking let me know. I just want a moments peace. With 5 kids though it isn't going to happen anytime soon though.

I have signed the boys up for wrestling though in the winter months. 2 of them love it, the 3rd goes because his brothers do it. This did stop some of the wrestling between each other. Coach told them they weren't allowed to wrestle outside of practice or a meet.
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baby1at35 responded:
I get it ! The boys drive me crazy with it. For some reason it seems like it is later in the day when it happens.
It drives me bonkers and I step in sometimes but other times in all honestly I have to just let it be. Of course I don't let them get hurt....
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kc_94920 responded:
Mine don't wrestle at all like I did as a kid with my brother. Sure, they've had a few pillow fights and like to chase each other once in a while, but that's about it. They are loud though, especially the little one, who squeals and shrieks like an animal to get big brothers attention.
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