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    Packing Lunches..Need ideas!
    Mom2Emma23 posted:
    My daughter starts Kindergarten on!! Anyway, she's very picky and while I will be having her try some of the hot lunches served, she won't be able to for the first week or so anyway. Does anyone have any suggestions of what to pack in her lunch? I can only come up with Peanut butter sandwhich and cheese and crackers. She hates lunch meat. If it makes any difference it's super hot here, like 101-108 most days and that won't be changing anytime soon so these items need to be able to keep cool in her lunch box. Thank you for any input, I am at a loss!
    Sarah, Dh, Emma (5), Delilah (born still at 21 weeks) March 5 2012
    crunk05177 responded:
    As a mother of a peanut allergic kid and an aunt of a former peanut allergic kid, I would try and stay away from peanut butter. Although it may not be a peanut free school that is an allergic kid's mom worst nightmare. Had to put it out there...sorry!

    I will sometimes pack mini bagels with cream cheese....I bought one of those containers that keep the food warm and right before the bus comes, I would nuke chicken nuggets, pasta or meatballs and give him that. I also always give a fruit and then a treat. He knows to eat the fruit first and for now, I trust that he does. I like to give a little extra just in case. What if he is extra hungry that day, or what if he just doesn't like the fruit, or something like that. Also, I found a ton of people posting blogs about school lunches on pinterest. I repinned most of them but never really got the chance to really look at them. We still have another 3 1/2 weeks before school! Good luck!
    Me (29), DH (31), DS1 - Michael (5 1/2) and DS2 - Nathan (2 1/2 - severe peanut allergy and an egg allergy)
    baby1at35 responded:
    I freeze yogurt and put it in there, dried fruits, apples, cereal/granola bars, cheese sticks. I have made mac n cheese and have put it in there as well. I have an insulated cup so it stays relatively warm. the boys aren't big on soups but I know some put soup in there.
    I have also on occasion put cereal.
    Me (43) 2 busy boys 7 yrs and 6 yrs
    Mom2Emma23 replied to crunk05177's response:
    What brand container keeps the food warm? I don't know that i have seen anything like that, other than a thermos for soup and such.

    Thanks for the ideas.
    Sarah, Dh, Emma (5), Delilah (born still at 21 weeks) March 5 2012
    sarah0323 responded:
    Here's my list of random idea's.

    * Chicken/Tuna/Ham/Egg/Turkey Salad Sandwiches
    * Boiled Eggs
    * Pin Wheels (Take a torilla and spread some cream cheese top with shredded chicken/turkey and top with shredded cheese (you can also add some shredded veggies) roll it up and then I slice it or send whole)
    * Frozen Grapes
    *Yogurt (Can be frozen)
    *Cottage Cheese and fruit
    * Left overs (I have insulated containers that keeps things hot)
    * Soups
    * Chicken Hoagies (Take a chicken strip/tenderloin put inside of a hot dog bun and then fill will favorite toppings)
    *Mini Bagels with cream cheese
    *Meatloaf sandwiches
    *Roast Beef Sandwiches
    *Mini Raviollis

    If she will eat meat you can use meat instead of lunch meat. I don't buy lunch meat often. If I make a roast I make one a little bigger than we need and then I have roast beef sandwiches the next day. I have found that when the kids make their lunch they are more likely to eat it.
    Me 33, DD - O 13, DS1 -J 8, DS2 - Cr 6, DS3 - Co 5, DD2 - E (11/10)
    sarah0323 replied to Mom2Emma23's response:
    The containers that I use are by Thermos. They are called food jars.
    Me 33, DD - O 13, DS1 -J 8, DS2 - Cr 6, DS3 - Co 5, DD2 - E (11/10)
    crunk05177 replied to sarah0323's response:
    We buy the ones from Toysrus....they are metal....and always on sale until school starts...
    Me (29), DH (31), DS1 - Michael (5 1/2) and DS2 - Nathan (2 1/2 - severe peanut allergy and an egg allergy)
    ryanandleigh replied to crunk05177's response:
    We tried the Thermos/food jar type thing last year and they just didn't work for us. I would have to put something in them at 7 am and he doesn't eat until noon so in 5 hours it just wasn't as hot as he wanted so he wouldn't eat it. May try it this year since his lunch is a little earlier.

    Anyway, I am not much help as DS is picky and I pretty much send the same thing every day. (Jelly sandwich, pretzels, yogurt, chocolate milk - sometimes grapes or a pack of gummies as a treat)

    Sorry, Sarah but my picky eater pretty much won't eat anything on your list. Even my non-picky eater (DD) won't eat most of that stuff and I am more worried about what I will send in her lunch when she starts taking it.
    Leigh, Jacen (6), Alexa (3)
    sarah0323 replied to ryanandleigh's response:
    try filling the thermos with boiling water and leave it there for as long as you can before you put the food in there.

    I don't have picky eaters. They will eat anything if it isn't tied down. I have one who takes PB&J every day. That is his choice. I don't make the kids lunch. They are responsible for making it or they can eat at school. Mostly my kids take left overs. Last spring the kids got a microwave that they can use at school. So much easier than the food jars.
    Me 33, DD - O 13, DS1 -J 8, DS2 - Cr 6, DS3 - Co 5, DD2 - E (11/10)
    kc_94920 responded:
    I've been packing lunches for years and have finally settled on bento style lunches for all three kids. Despite not being typical sandwhich, chip and whole fruit lovers, they are good eaters and like a variety of foods so this approach allows me to offer choices and fill them up. I use lunch boxes that have several different compartments (Lap Top Lunchbox, Go Green Lunchbox and Pottery Barn Kids' bento box for the little one) or an insulated food jar and several small lided containers.

    I start with an entree type item like half a sandwhich, soup, a mini bagel w/ cream cheese and lox, a turkey roll-up, chicken tenders, meatballs, chicken apple sausage, beans and rice or pasta. Then I fill in the small boxes with a variety of things like: raw carrots, snap peas, hicama, yellow peppers, artichoke, berries, sliced fruit, olives, grapes, nuts, pretzels, small crackers, yogurt, cottage cheese, wasabi peas, applesauce, small ear of corn, hard boiled egg, seseme sticks, cheese cubes, etc. I just try and make it plentyful and colorful and find that little bits of lots of things seem to keep them happy. HTH's.
    KC~ Mady (9) Logan (7) and Coco (4)

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