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seat up/down concept
momtotan posted:
Do preschooler/kindergartener boys generally know/use the concept of toilet seat up while using potty for pee in school?
For eg my DD wanted to use the bathroom in her KG classroom today while having our tour and I noticed that the seat was up. (A boy had used the bathroom before her) I put the seat down and told her to go use the bathroom. In my house I dont have boys and DH always puts the seat down after use. So I never brought this issue with my DD who has been attending a private preschool for past 2 years.
It suddenly occured to me whether my DD would know or not that she needs to put the seat down in order for her to use the potty. What if she has used the potty in her preschool with the seat up? What if she has directly sat on the bowl itself? I dont know whether I should ask her this and tell her the concept of seat up/down thing? should I explain to her that in KG if she finds the seat up she needs to put it down before using the potty?
mrswhitecastle responded:
When my girls were younger, I would occassionally catch them sitting directly on the bowl. When they lifted the lid up, they lifted the lid and seat up at the same time.

I would just explain to her that if she sees the seat up, put it down. I told my girls that having the seat down makes it easier and more comfortable to sit. Plus, then they are less likely to fall in.
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cinder44 responded:
I have a boy & a girl. I have tried to train my DS to put the seat down when he is done. He does it at home but I am not sure what he now does at preschool. I think he would put it down.

I think my DD would know to put it down & not sit on it, I have just told her there are germs there & she needs to sit on the seat.
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momtotan replied to mrswhitecastle's response:
I have explained to her now ( shes in KG now ) but dont know whether I should have told her much earlier at age 3 when I'd started sending her to preschool. I dont know what she did in preschool ( which kinda irks me. )All I'd taught her was to wipe from front to back and washing hands after potty. It never occured to me about this seat thing being up until now.

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