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    Kindergarten/school bus
    momtotan posted:
    My DD just started KG and she takes the school bus in the morning. Now heres the thing...The school has 3 entrances to get in. Main Entrance 1 is in front of the school, Main entrance 2 is on the side of the school and entrance 3 ( which directly leads to cafeteria room ) is also on the side but its a small entrance. My DD and other kindergarteners have to line up in the cafeteria so all KGs enter door no 3 after getting down the school bus. During the tour I'd asked about where the bus would drop her etc and I was told by the side of the school ( which has entrance 2 and 3 ) and there are staff to guide them to the door once they get down. So I did not explain which exact door my DD needs to take ( 2 or 3 )...( didnt want to confuse her also ).
    On the first day of school I went to school just to make sure which door they enter and I saw DD enter door 3 into the cafeteria. after she came back from school I just told her that she needs to enter the school through door 3 ( the one that she went in that day )But the next day she said she walked "little further" coz she didnt look properly and got lost. But she realised and went inside the school. Now I am feeling really bad for not "showing" her the exact door that she needs to enter after getting down the bus. I should have specifically asked the staff on tour day and maybe showed her so that she wont forget. I just assumed that there will be staff there to guide them. If she enters door 2 then she will not know how to go to the cafeteria. I am just feeling very bad.

    Sorry, its just that I worry excessively.
    mrswhitecastle responded:
    Don't worry about it. She'll figure it out, and I'm sure teachers and older students will be helping out for awhile. I was amazed at how quickly both DD's figured out where everything was at their school.
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