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2nd Grade
mrswhitecastle posted:
I know this post doesn't officially belong on this board, but I also know there are many of us with older kids.

I have noticed a big difference between 1st and 2nd grade. Today, Emily has her first official test. We studied for it the last 2 nights. I have also noticed that this year, the teacher is marking answers that are incorrect. I guess before this, they would correct the answers that were wrong before sending the papers home.

Has anyone else noticed a trend in 2nd grade with school getting a bit more serious? Just curious if it is our school, or a general trend....
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sarah0323 responded:
Yes 2nd grade is more serious than 1st. We actually go to letter grades from developing and secure ratings. At our school they also start to have more subjects and less "play" time. What I mean by that is the number of "crafts" greatly decreases and in its place is more work.
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baby1at35 responded:
It is so hard for me to answer this because we had a horrible 1st grade experience. They had tests every Friday all morning in 1st grade last year. 45 mins of homework a night.
Now he has 15 minutes a night /spelling on the weekends and that is it for 2nd grade. His teacher still corrects the answers so he understands what he did ect on papers ect. And said they will still get "b" and "d" mixed up so won't count it wrong as an example but correct it.
I guess my "perception" of 2nd grade for us is it is much better towards his "level". His teacher has it organized well. Knows how her kids will excel ect. She has found a way to get him to really love reading too.
Today from my little Henry who had such a horrible time in 1st grade said...
Oh Mom I love school ! Quite the difference.
I am sitting here saying where is the homework? My perception is off compared to what it should be. I have to re-adjust as well.
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crunk05177 responded:
We haven't gotten to 2nd grade yet but I think 1st grade is pretty intense. They get homework every single night....I mean like 10-15 minutes of it but still. At Back to school night last night, the teacher was telling us about math tests, and writing stories and the reading program, etc and I was getting overwhelmed myself lol.
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