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No longer color blind
iocasta posted:
Levi is no longer color blind, as in racial differences. The other day we were walking in the neighborhood and saw a gentleman on the bike. Think classic Schwinn with banana seat paired with ape hanger handle bars. Levi commented poor people ride kid bikes. BTW- the guy wasn't riding a kid's bike it just looked like that but that is another story. We asked why he thought the person was poor. Levi's response was because he was brown. We were both floored at this comment. We explained while there maybe some validity to the general supposition but it doesn't make it true. That you can't know a person's situation by the color of their skin. Of course, we went to point out all of the "brown" people that he knows aren't poor and there are quite a few people in that category. So much for innocence.
mrswhitecastle responded:
Don't you wish we could keep them innocent much longer?
Emily (7) Elizabeth (5)
kristinmarie722 responded:
Awww wish we could keep them young forever.

Same thing kind of happened recently with Logan. My friend was over with her daughter and she acts just like Logan- hyper, silly, etc. Couple days later Logan was asking about her. I said, did you like her (meaning as a friend) and he said yeah as a friend not as a girlfriend. LOL, okay I said, oh why not as a girlfriend, just being silly with him and he said, I want to marry someone peach like me. Well really someone who looks like you mom, peach and skinny (bless his heart) and I said well the color of her skin doesn't matter and he said, I dont know it just feels right, that I need to marry someone peach.

I was really floored that he would even think about it. Of course I was just teasing him about a girlfriend. The things he says at times really just makes me think- where does this come from?

I would say that more then half of our friends are black, so Logan sees their kids a lot and plays with their kids, so it's not like he isnt exposed to people of different races.
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