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The F word
iocasta posted:
So I was doing 20 questions about Levi's day at school. I always ask what his favorite thing. Right now his response is always writer's workshop. I asked him what did he write about. His response was "the F word." I quizzed "the F word?" He responded " you know forgot." Me "oh that F word."
mrswhitecastle responded:
Phew! That F word. That's really cute.
Emily (7) Elizabeth (5)
UKbluegirl2 replied to mrswhitecastle's response:
Ahh the innocence!

We are reading Junie B. and Ava won't read the words 'Stupid' or 'Dumb'. She replaces stupid with silly and spells dumb. I love it!!!

What out for that F word. I unfortunately have to use that one a lot as my memory is gone!
laney0705 responded:
LOL!! Oh the innocence. Wish they could stay that way forever.

Ryder tells people I say the "C" word. Of course everyone glares at me with this look of horror on their face b/c they are thinking of that "c" word. I have to immediately tell them it's crap. And then they look totally relieved and chuckle.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to laney0705's response:
The first time I heard the 7 year old say "so-and-so said the "s" word" I freaked out!

Turns out, the "s" word is "stupid".

UK - we're reading Junie B too! My kiddo won't say either of those words either. Just looks at me with a face like "really?"


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