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    Got the blahs...
    baby1at35 posted:
    I have no idea what is wrong with me. My job is going well... Boys are doing well.
    Just can't shake the blahs. Maybe I need sunshine. It has been dreary , getting colder.
    I always have a difficult time this time of year. Maybe I have that SAD. or I honestly feel a touch of it.
    Just blah, blah , blah.....
    Me (43) 2 busy boys 7 yrs and 6 yrs
    iocasta responded:
    Sorry, it is a tough time of the year for you. It got cold in Chicago as well. We actually had a little snow yesterday. We woke to patches here and there in the garden, on rooftops and cars.
    mrswhitecastle responded:
    I'm sorry you aren't feeling that great.

    I always get the blahs in the Winter, but it usually doesn't start until January.

    Have you been able to stick to your workout routine?
    Emily (7) Elizabeth (5)
    baby1at35 replied to mrswhitecastle's response:
    I haven't been able to stick to the workout and I am certain that is part of it.
    I have to figure out a way to get a workout in.
    I get off work at 1:30 but am starving as I don't eat lunch. So I come home /eat ect.
    My thought is I would take a quick filler type lunch like tuna salad. Then I could go work out the gym is close to work and on the way to the boys' school.
    I just feel like there is so much stuff at home to tend to.
    I do work out on Thurs. nights while the boys do their martial arts. Not enough.
    You know I think you are right my work out really helped my moods ect. Just feel sluggish, tired... Trying to adjust to being a working mom although I know only part time it still is an adjustment.
    Okay I need to actually schedule my work outs!
    Me (43) 2 busy boys 7 yrs and 6 yrs
    iocasta replied to baby1at35's response:
    Bring a Luna bar with you to work eat that on the way to the gym. Go to the gym before going home. Exercise would help a ton.
    baby1at35 replied to iocasta's response:
    Sounds like a good plan. I am eating a bigger breakfast since I do not eat lunch until late. If I eat a protein bar on the way to the gym I have an hour to workout and then can go get the boys.
    So no more excuses. I have to manage my housework a bit better as well. We have been gone a lot at night lately too which is taking away a lot of my time.
    Me (43) 2 busy boys 7 yrs and 6 yrs
    mrswhitecastle replied to baby1at35's response:
    I think adding exercise will really help your mood. I know it helps mine. Sometimes, DH has sent me to the gym because I was in such a bad (to put it nicely) mood!

    I really don't know how working mothers, especially single ones, are able to juggle it all. Good job!
    Emily (7) Elizabeth (5)
    iocasta replied to baby1at35's response:
    Housework will always be there. If you are feeling food physically and mentally it will get done. To get there you need to workout.
    cinder44 responded:
    I was feeling this way last weekend & it lead to some comfort food eating so not so good for the weight loss. But I resolved to get up & get my work outs in this week. I do feel better than I did last weekend. It is cold here too but it has been sunny the past couple of days which helps.
    Me, DH, DD(5), DS(5)

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