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mrswhitecastle posted:
What are you doing to monitor your kids when on TV, computer, internet, etc? Do you have software (or anything of the kind) to limit content on internet or TV?

I was flipping through the channels this past week. I happened to turn to TLC. A network which I thought would be safe for kids, since it is supposedly The LEARNING Channel. Well, there was a stripper giving lap dances. Not exactly the type of learning I want my 5 and 7 year olds doing.

Right now, I just make sure that I am in the same room with them. I saw today that their school is doing an internet safety presentation next month that I will attend. After the TLC incident, I'm wondering what else I can do to monitor them.
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iocasta responded:
We only have Apple TV so we limit content that way. As for internet, he doesn't get on it without us so far that is working. As he gets older, we will have to come up with a better solution.
baby1at35 responded:
I am always in the room with them. They know how to turn on the tv ect but they only turn to channel 12 (PBS).
For internet I am always sitting with them so I monitor that way.
I too will have to come up with a new system as they get older.
For the most part I keep control of it all now.
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baby1at35 replied to baby1at35's response:
BTW : TLC is now a lot of junk. No longer The learning channel like it was. It is now the reality tv channel
Me (43) 2 busy boys 7 yrs and 6 yrs